De rumba: a guide to the nightlife and party scene in Bogota

In Colombia, you don’t go out to party, you go de rumba. Planning for a fun-themed vacation in Bogota? Here’s a guide to the city’s nightlife and party scene, from mainstream to low key!

All day and all night: a guide to Los Cabos party scene

There’s not much difference between day and night when it comes to partying in Los Cabos. This nature and fun paradise is packed with alternatives for unforgettable afternoons, evenings and early mornings.

Everything that is good about Mexico you'll find in Mazatlan

What if you could have everything that is good about Mexico inside one lovely, alternative destination? We will prove to you that Mazatlan is such place and, by the end of this piece, have you craving a vacation in this Pacific hot spot.

Guadalajara is Mexico's new food, culture and party capital

Guadalajara is becoming the place to be in Mexico. The second most populous city in the country has absorbed influences from all over the planet and is posing itself as a vibrant, 21st century metropolis.

One week of partying in Mexico City: a complete guide

What is it like to party in Mexico City? Well, one week off at the most populous city in the continent might begin to give you an idea. Here’s a complete guide to such a vacation in this dazzling and dizzying metropolis.

Northern Mexico: Home of Great Baseball Teams & Players

Did you know that Mexico has produced some of the top ranked players of the MLB? Some of these players are Fernando Valenzuela, the famous pitcher for of the Dodgers; Teddy Higuera, a Sinaloa, Mexico native, who saw big-league success until an injury sidelined him; Tamaulipas native, Ismael Valdez, known as one of the top 10 players in Major League Baseball, among others.

Navigating Through Mexico: Three Tips for Business Travelers

In big Mexican cities, it can be a real challenge to navigate through traffic and busy downtown spots. There are some things that can make your life a lot easier and your stay a lot more pleasant.

Money Tips for Mexico: How to Buy Pesos & Exchange Currency

Before you travel to Mexico, make sure you have some pesos on you for your trip. Also, have a plan for exchanging dollars into pesos once you arrive.