City Express Hotels - Notice

Dear Client/Partner,


Due to the recent travel alert to Mexico emitted by the United States Department of State and addressed to their citizens to prevent the contagion and propagation of Covid-19, City Express Hotels reaffirm our commitment to taking care of “Everything that Matters” and be a lodging ally completely reliable. In all our hotels, we operate under strict biosafety protocols, which had already awarded us the CovidClean™ international certification granted by the SafeHotels organization.


This protocol represents a set of preventive measures intended to keep control of the risk factors provided by biological, physical, and chemical agents. Below we share some of the measures that we are implementing to protect your safety and that of our collaborators:


  • Sanitary filter: at the entrance of each property, the guests and collaborators must disinfect their shoes, apply antibacterial gel to the hands, have a temperature measurement, and answer a symptom questionnaire to detect possible cases bearing any contagion suspicion.


  • Physical distancing: at the access areas, sanitary filters, reception, and elevators, we placed “safe distance” labels on the floor, every 1.5 meters at the very least, to meet the current social distancing measures.


  • Cleaning and disinfection:at the different contact points, we use a wide spectrum of hospital-grade biodegradable chemical products specific for cleaning and disinfection. In rooms, reception, elevators, and public areas we performed deep cleaning with attention to detail.


  • Foods and beverages: according to the hotel occupation and the stoplight of the Health Secretary, the operation in our consumption centers occurs with the aid of our personnel, with the delimitation of the maximum allowed seating, a minimum safe distance of 1.5 meters between tables and persons, along with the handing over of cutlery properly sanitized in individual biodegradable plastic bags, among other precautions of cleansing and disinfection.


We welcome our guests with the same excellence and warmth they already know, only with the addition of reinforced cleaning and biosafety measures to make them feel safe at every moment, always in compliance with the operational guidelines and the epidemiological stoplight of the federal and state Mexican authorities.


Thus, all our visiting clients could feel safe lodging in a comfortable hotel with the maximum protection in the hotel industry.



Yours sincerely,
Luis Barrios
General Director


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