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Hacienda Panoaya: peek into the life of Sor Juana, Mexico's first female poet

Hacienda Panoaya, in the State of Mexico, is the place where Mexico’s first female poet grew up. The story and legacy of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz lives on to this day, to the point where her face is printed on the $200 pesos bill.

Here is everything you need to know about Hacienda Panoaya before planning a trip there. Read on!

The Sor Juana museum

Born Juana de Asbaje, Sor Juana lived in this building from ages 3 to 8 in the mid-seventeenth century. This is where she learned how to read, by playing with books at his grandfather’s library.

Some of the rooms in the museum dedicated to her life are kept the way they would have looked back then, original furniture and all. You can peek into the early life of this fascinating woman and imagine what learning about the world from that place was like.


Learn more about Sor Juana’s life and the struggles she had to face as an intellectually inclined female in the 1600s. The way she made way for herself into the university and how she worked hard to gain recognition as a writer. An inspiring life!

A small Garden of Eden

El Parque de los Venados Acariciables –literally, “the Caressable Deer Park”–, is a kind of zoo/farm where animals roam freely and you can interact with them. Find out what holding and feeding young goats, rabbits, camels, cows, llamas, ponies and, yes, deer, feels like.

Kids can also learn how to make their own artisanal cheese and everything they need to know about volcanoes.

Also, there is an English-style labyrinth in which getting lost is easy –if you don’t stick to your left side– but, also, fun.


Have a great time at Hacienda Panoaya, a place where you can have some fun in nature and find out who the lady in the $200 pesos bill was and walk inside the building that is portrayed in it. To get there from CDMX, simply take the 150D highway and then take the exit to highway 115 until you get to Amecameca. Or simply take a bus!

One great place to stay in Mexico City when you’re visiting this area is City Express Central de Abastos, great service and location!