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City Express Junior Mexicali

Next to the Cadena shopping center.


City Express Junior Mexicali, only 20 minutes from the Arizona border, is situated next to the Cadena shopping mall. Our hotel is the ideal location for the business traveler because of it sits in the industrial area, near the Mexicali Industrial Park I & II, PIMSA IV and Industrial Vallera. City Express is also a short distance from major academic institutions like CETYS Campus Mexicali, Universidad Xochicalco and Universidad Politécnica de Baja California.


Discover Mexicali and northern Mexico’s natural beauty at one of the most popular sites, Laguna Salada, which is right off the Mexicali to Tijuana highway, in the Sonoran desert. This vast lake completely dried up in the mid-1970s. Now the lakebed is an ecotourism destination, surrounded by mountain ranges. The lagoon is truly fascinating.


Mexicali is known for its eclectic cuisine. Thanks to Chinese and other Far East influences, Asian food in the city is delicious. Some highly recommend places include the Japanese restaurant, KotoriEl Rincón del Panchito and Restaurant Lucky City, a Chinese restaurant. If you prefer traditional Mexican food, Museo y restaurante Valle de Mexicali has a wonderful selection. Try their menudo (soup)!


For an unforgettable trip to Baja California, come stay with us at City Express Junior Mexicali. Reserve your room today.

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City Express Junior Mexicali
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LocationCalzada Manuel Gómez Morín No. 2120, Col. Granjas Agrícolas, Mexicali, Baja California, México. C.P. 21297 Tel.: 686 837 3200

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