City Express Junior Bogotá Aeropuerto

3 km from El Dorado International Airport, opposite Portal Dorado from mass transit system.

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City Express Plus Bogotá is a few hundred feet from El Dorado International Airport at the Colombian capital’s northwestern side.


For both the business and the pleasure traveler, sleeping next to the airport is a great logistic advantage which results in more time to enjoy the trip.


Only a five minute ride from the hotel are: Hayuelos mall, José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden and Zona Franca, an area dedicated to the development of commercial and industrial activities free of taxes.


Also close are Sarmiento Angulo Business City, for the business traveler, and Salitre Mágico, an amusement park which is 15 minutes away through El Dorado Avenue.


Stay at City Express Plus Bogotá, discover the pleasure of sleeping the night next to the airport and enjoy your trip.

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Hoteles City Express


1 queen size bed

Hoteles City Express


2 twin size beds

City Express Junior Bogotá Aeropuerto
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LocationDiagonal 25G # 95 - 66, Fontibon, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Tel.: +57 1744 8358

City Express Junior Bogotá Aeropuerto

LOCATION3 km from El Dorado International Airport, opposite Portal Dorado from mass transit system.

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