City Express Junior Toluca Zona Industrial

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5 minutes from Galerias Toluca Mall, opposite the Materno Infantil hospital.
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IMPORTANT: The transport service at City Express Junior Toluca Zona Industrial is from the hotel to destinations of up to 5 km around

City Express Junior Toluca Zona Industrial is located at a privileged spot in the city, with easy access to downtown and the main industrial areas.


The hotel works perfectly as a headquarter during a business trip to Toluca, since it’s only 10 minutes away from the city’s downtown and Exportec, Lerma Toluca and La Bomba industrial parks. CIECEM, the best convention center in town, is a few feet away.


If you’re in Toluca on vacations, tourist attractions such as the Cosmovitral and Nemesio Diez stadium are very close to the hotel. Also, you could spend an entire day at nearby Galerías Toluca and Outlet Toluca shopping malls.


Stay at City Express Junior Toluca Zona Industrial and discover the perks of combining all the different sides of Toluca on the same trip.


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5 minutes from Galerias Toluca Mall, opposite the Materno Infantil hospital.

Vía Alfredo del Mazo No. 547, San Lorenzo Tepaltitlán, Toluca de Lerdo, Estado de México, México, C.P. 50010

For further details about the hotel, contact us at tel.: 722 478 4800

To book now CLICK HERE or dialing from Mexico at 55 5249 8080 (option 1); dialing from USA +185 5222 8285, dialing from Costa Rica 01 800 05 2922; dialing from Colombia 800 752 2273; dialing from Chile 01 800 83 5229.

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City Express Junior Toluca Zona Industrial
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