City Express Junior San Luis Potosí Zona Industrial

5 minutes from Plaza Comercial Sendero mall.


City Express San Luis PotosíJunior Zona Industrial is a hotel for business travelers with a convenient location: the most important industrial corridor in the city.


It has 122 rooms with all that matters for a pleasant stay: breakfast is included, free wifi, business center and additional amenities, all included.


Our location in the industrial area of San Luis Potosí will make easier your business meetings. For your convenience, the Commercial Plaza Sendero is just 5 minutes away, if you need move to other cities, the central bus station is 10 minutes distance from the hotel.


In San Luis Potosí downtown there are many interesting things to visit and is just 15 minutes away. Less than 10 minutes you will find the Estadio Alfonso Lastras where the Atletico de Madrid subsidiary team in México: San Luis Atletico plays.


We wait for you in City Express Junior San Luis Potosí Industrial Zone, we will take care of everithing that matters to make your stay unforgettable.

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Hoteles City Express


1 queen size bed

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Hoteles City Express


2 twin size beds

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City Express Junior San Luis Potosí Zona Industrial
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Carretera 57 México-Piedras Negras No. 147, Col. Las Mercedes, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, México. C.P. 78394 +52 444 475 44 00

City Express Junior San Luis Potosí Zona Industrial

LOCATION5 minutes from Plaza Comercial Sendero mall.

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