The feat of Alexander Schultz in Mexico: from one skyscraper to another on the tightrope

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Alexander Schulz, from Germany, broke the urban highline world record when he crossed Paseo de la Reforma avenue in Mexico City at an altitude of 750 ft. Total travel distance was 711 ft.


Followed closely by an astonished crowd of local and tourist bypassers, Schulz walked on what is commonly known as a "tightrope", from the top of the BBVA Bancomer Tower to the Reforma Tower, located on the other side of the emblematic avenue.


The event was a collaboration between: One Inch Dreams, a German company specializing in the slackline and highline disciplines; Altius Events, a Mexican company dedicated to organizing events; Interprotección, an insurance agency.


Previously, Schulz had already broken the longline world record by crossing a cliff in China at a height of 1230 ft, surpassing the previous mark by Jerry Miszewski.


It took four attempts for this 25 year old German to accomplish the feat. Regarding the last attempt, Schulz wrote: “Shortly before the middle I felt that walking quickly the thin air affected me. I forced myself to walk more slowly and to focus on the present moment; I realized I had to fight against being distracted, neither by the thought of walking through nor by what I would be saying in front of the cameras later on, nor by the helicopter, which crossed my field of vision again and again.


From the middle onwards I managed to concentrate fully just on the movement of the slackline and my body. It is that extremely deep state of mind of flow what I like so much about slacklining!”


City Express Hotels  took part of this exciting event by hosting Alexander Schulz during his stay in Mexico City. We are proud to have contributed with this sponsorship to the new urban highline world record.