Coast to Coast Rally 2017: An Adventure in Mexico, from the Gulf to the Pacific

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Coast to Coast Rally 2017 is about to gather the boldest Cross Country riders in Mexico. Riding all-terrain vehicles, these adrenaline lovers are prepared to go from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean in five days.

Why would anyone want to do that? For the same reason that we climb mountains, we dive, and we cross jungles riding a bike: there is something about conquering nature that we find very satisfying.

Starting in Veracruz and getting to Puerto Escondido as the final destination, professional and amateur drivers will attempt to cross all types of roads and terrains in order to get from one coast to another.


To participate in Coast to Coast Rally, you’ll need any of these vehicles:

  • -An all-terrain motorcycle
  • -ATV (all-terrain Quad)
  • -UTV (Side by Side)
  • -A 4X4 truck

There are two rally modes:

Competition. For professional pilots. The routes must be completed using only the odometer, compass and road book. The time for each track is measured.

Initiation. If you are not interested in competition, this option is for you. All routes are loaded directly to your GPS, so the pilots just have to stay on track and they’re not timed.

Coast to Coast Rally 2017 took place from 13th to the 18th of March. The tour stops were made at:


  • - Jalcomulco. An ecotourism destination, between rivers and waterfalls.
  • - Tehuacan. A lovely village surrounded by mountains.
  • - Oaxaca. The great Oaxacan capital, beautiful and multicultural.
  • - Yuviaga. A natural paradise in the middle of nowhere.
  • - Puerto Escondido. One of the hottest spots for hippies and surfers.

City Express Tehuacan and Oaxaca City Express welcomed the participants. Also, there was a special City Express Camp at Yuviaga Village to host the pilots.

Want to know more about Coast to Coast Rally Mexico 2017? Visit the Offroad Logistics official website.