City Express Plus Monterrey Galerías

City Express Plus Monterrey Galerías is a hotel designed for executives who are in town for business and need to stay at a strategic spot.


Right by the intersection of Insurgentes and Constitución, it is perfectly placed between both Monterrey and San Pedro Garza García commercial areas, which makes it ideal for a business trip.


The headquarters and offices located in both Monterrey’s downtown and San Pedro are 15 minutes away, which will allow for you to move swiftly through the city and get to every meeting in time.


Also very close are Galerías Monterrey and Plaza Fiesta San Agustín, the very best shopping malls in the city. On nearby Constitución Avenue you’ll find Fundidora Park and Paseo Santa Lucía, in case you have some spare time to explore.

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Certificates obtained in environmental design, efficiencies, and responsible tourism.

  • Rooms

    Hoteles City Express


    1 queen size bed

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    Hoteles City Express


    2 double beds

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    Hoteles City Express


    1 queen size bed and 1 sofa bed

    looking for availability


    Av. San Jerónimo 311, San Jerónimo. C.P. 64640 Monterrey, Nuevo León México.

    +52 81 50 00 53 80

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    Across from marcatel tower and 5 minutes from Galerias Monterrey mall.

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