Tlaxcala’s Hidden Gems: A Guide to Exploring Mexico’s Smallest State

Tlaxcala may be Mexico’s smallest state with an area of less than 4,000 square kilometers, but it is densely populated and packed with many breathtaking sites including the charming City of Tlaxcala, views of nearby volcanoes, intriguing archeological sites plus beautiful forests and national parks.

A Guide to Mexico’s Best Gastronomy: Oaxaca, Puebla and Yucatan

Mexico is a country rich in incredible gastronomy with many different regions offering their own specialties. From chilies to tortillas, beans to soups, here is our guide to three of the best regions to try Mexico’s infamous cuisine.

Your Ultimate Shopping Guide to Cancun: Mexico’s Top Beach Destination

What do you think of when we mention Cancun? Luxury all-inclusive hotels? Dreamy, white, sandy Caribbean beaches? Spring Break? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s also a great shopping destination too!

Merida: Three Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss on Your Next Visit

A welcoming, peaceful and safe city, Merida has so much to offer visitors. Here is our guide to the three attractions in Merida which you simply cannot miss.

Exploring the Pueblos of Mexico: What to think about before your Mexican Adventure

In vast, diverse and wonderful Mexico, there are so many beautiful pueblos (Spanish for small towns) for you to visit.

Our Top Five Things to do in the Magical State of San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. It’s a popular destination for visitors looking for adventure and eco-tourism.

Shop ‘til You Drop in Mexico City: A Guide to the City’s Best Shopping Venues

Mexico City is a metropolitan giant filled with incredible sites to visit, contrasting neighborhoods, history and culture to satisfy every traveler, world class restaurants, enormous markets and some serious shopping venues.

Malls to Markets: Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Bogota

Famous for being Colombia’s capital city, for being one of the highest cities in South America, for museums, views and colonial architecture, Bogota is hardly renowned for its shopping scene.

Five Typical Mexican Dishes to Try During the Day of the Dead Celebrations

Every year at the end of October and beginning of November, Mexican people gather with their families to celebrate and remember deceased loved ones in a tradition deeply rooted in Mexican culture: Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead: 5 Essential Elements of the Altar

El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Celebrations in Mexico take place from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November. The altars include a variety of symbols and objects which represent those who have passed on.