Experience life as cavemen at Cueva de las Manos in Chile

Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) is an archaeological site in the Chilean Patagonia where you’ll find ancient cave paintings that reveal the enigmatic life of past human inhabitants and how they understood their surroundings.

One day at Laguna Milagros, a peaceful getaway spot near Chetumal

Literally meaning “Miracles Lagoon”, this place is much less known than nearby Bacalar, but just as beautiful. Here are a few things that you can do in Laguna Milagros, take notice for your next trip to the Chetumal area!

Cispata Bay, a quiet little corner in the Colombian Caribbean

Sometimes, when you’re traveling, you just need a quiet place. Surrounded by nature and not much else, Cispata Bay is a peaceful shelter that will allow you to slow down during a trip to Colombia. Here’s what to see and how to get to this little paradise in the Colombian Caribbean!

San Juan Market: the oldest and most exotic in Mexico City

San Juan Market (Mercado de San Juan) in Mexico City is unique. Over several decades, it has come to be known as the place in the capital to source the most exotic kinds of meat, while also being the best market to have a snack in!

Admire the beauty of Teotihuacan from a hot air balloon

The ancient city of Teotihuacan is as mysterious as it is grandiose. While climbing the pyramids is a great way of exploring it, there is another way that will most surely blow your mind: hovering over it on a hot air balloon!

Experience the history and traditions of Tijuana on Revolucion Avenue

For many years, Revolucion Avenue has welcomed the curious and fascinated visitors to Tijuana. Formerly the most important street in the city, it has achieved legendary status due to its quirks and the many stories that have shaped its history.

Witness the magic of nature at Laguna de Terminos in Campeche

Picture a lagoon that is so wide that it seems more like a small sea. In the jungle across it, an unhindered paradise remains as alive as ever, with its legions of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals, coexisting in the wild.

The 6 Magic Towns not to miss in the southeast of Mexico

The Magic Towns (Pueblos Mágicos) program recognizes and supports small towns in Mexico with symbolic or historical value. There are more than a few in this part of the country, but we want to tell you about six of them that you cannot miss when you travel around the southeast. Let’s go!

Tortuguero National Park: a natural sanctuary in the Costa Rican Caribbean

Tortuguero National Park, in the province of Limon in Costa Rica, is a natural sanctuary by the Caribbean where hundreds of animal and plant species are left to thrive.