Tehuacan, Puebla: the perfect escape for a weekend

If you are planning to escape the routine for a weekend and visit one of the best secrets of Mexico, we’ll give you some recommendations for you to enjoy this interesting place.

How to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico City

Since then, September is known in Mexico as “the patriotic month”. Restaurants, schools, government agencies and streets are dressed in the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) to celebrate the Independence of Mexico.

Pozole: typical recipe from our national holidays

When you talk about pozole you think about enjoying it with family or friends.This ancient dish is a delicious excuse to get together during the mexican national holidays.

Mexiquillo, Durango: a place among forests and waterfalls

We’re not describing a natural reserve in Canada or the United States, but Mexiquillo in the northern Mexican state of Durango. You might have not heard at all about this place, but it is a real treasure that is worth the trip!

The best of Mexican handcrafts and where to get them

If you’re traveling to Mexico and you want a crash course on the staples of folk art, check out this guide to the very best of Mexican handcrafts and where to get them.