10 reasons to travel to the Samalayuca Dunes in Chihuahua

10 reasons to travel to the Samalayuca Dunes in Chihuahua

Have you ever heard of the Samalayuca Dunes? Right in the middle of the desert in northern Chihuahua, these sand formations are waiting for you with the promise of a day of fun and amazement.

We give you 10 reasons to visit Samalayuca in Chihuahua, a magical place that you probably didn’t even know that existed in Mexico.

1. Close to Juarez

The Samalayuca Dunes are only 30 miles south of Ciudad Juarez. So, if you are visiting this border town, the 30 minute drive is completely worth it. Also, remember that you can stay with us at City Express Ciudad Juarez, we are less than a mile from the border!

2. The landscape

This place is truly unique. The golden, soft sand dunes landscape, will make you feel like you’re standing somewhere in the Sahara Desert. 


3. Jeep and ATV rides

All-terrain vehicles are one of the most fun ways to explore the dunes. Hop on a jeep or an ATV and cross through the desert at high speed.

4. Sandboarding

Samalayuca is perfect for practicing one of the most exhilarating sports ever: sandboarding! It consists of sliding down the sand dunes on top of a board, similar to the ones used for snowboarding.


5. Bubble Soccer

Picture being inside a bubble full of air, running behind a ball, trying to play soccer up and down the dunes. An experience both fun and unforgettable!

6. Camping underneath the stars

Even if you don’t usually enjoy camping, this starry skies might change your mind. You won’t be seeing anything like this at a city!

7. Theme dinners

Under the motto “Mysticism at the Desert”, tour companies offer dinner for groups under the light of the stars, enjoying the fresh desert night.

8. Sotol tasting

Sotol is a distilled liquor from Chihuahua, with a flavor that is somewhat similar to mezcal. Ask for the tours that include a tasting of this celestial beverage.

9. Ejido Ojo de la Casa

This property, visited by President Benito Juarez himself, was once a cattle hacienda. Today, it is a beautiful set of ruins, surrounded by natural springs. A visit to this place is one of the many reasons to travel to Samalayuca.

10. Cave paintings

An excursion through the western mountain range of Samalayuca will reveal some fascinating, ancient cave paintings that are over 1,500 years old. Goats, anthropomorphic representations of celestial bodies, sorcerers and gods are some of the shapes represented.

Discover the mysteries, the beauty and the thrills of the Samalayuca Dunes in Chihuahua. We will see you there!

10 reasons to travel to the Samalayuca Dunes in Chihuahua