5 fairy tale-worthy old haciendas in Mexico

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5 fairy tale-worthy old haciendas in Mexico

Mexico’s old haciendas have many stories to tell. Leftover signs of prosperity and love for architecture, some of these buildings are fairy tale material.

Check out these 5 fairy tale-worthy old haciendas in Mexico and make them a part of your next trip to this fascinating nation.

1. Hacienda de La Llave (Queretaro)

Originally owned by a soldier of Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes, this hacienda remained in the hands of his descendants until the nineteenth century, when it was bought and refurbished by landlord Francisco de Iturbe, who gave it a distinctively French look.

It is located 30 miles southeast of Santiago de Queretaro, the state capital.

2. Hacienda Jalisco (Jalisco)

A 200 years old hacienda that used to be a mining center for the region. It has been turned into a museum that showcases the history of the town, but it’s the sheer beauty of the building, plus the stunning forest that surrounds it, which gives it a special charm.

You’ll find it in San Sebastián del Oeste, a small town 25 miles east of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

3. Hacienda Viborillas (Queretaro)

Built in the eighteenth century, this old hacienda was dedicated to the production of crops like corn and beans. The elegance of the interior, which houses original furniture from its heyday, added to the old train station which used to connect the hacienda to the world, make it seem like a place out of a fairy tale.

It is located 15 miles east of Santiago de Queretaro, you can get there through the 200 highway.




























4. Hacienda Santa Agueda (Tlaxcala)

An Art-Nouveau building that dates to the early twentieth century, at the height of dictator Porfirio Diaz’s rule, a time when everything French was loved and admired in Mexico. Originally dedicated to agriculture and farming, the hacienda host events and welcomes curious visitors.

You can get there by driving the Tlaxcala-Puebla highway for 7 miles, before exiting to the municipality of Nativitas, where Santa Agueda is located.

5. Hacienda Santa Cruz (Yucatan)

It’s hard to pick from the many haciendas in Yucatan, but if there is one that is worthy of a fairy tale, that is Santa Cruz. The exquisite garden, abundant in tropical trees, is the cherry on top of a gorgeous site that maintains the magic of its better days.

It is just outside of Merida, just 6 miles south of the city’s historic downtown.






















Relive the glory of Mexico’s past in these 5 old haciendas that boast fairy tale looks. A City Express hotel is waiting for you wherever you travel within Mexico. Enjoy!

5 fairy tale-worthy old haciendas in Mexico