7 natural wonders of Costa Rica you need to see


It’s hard to pick only seven natural wonders of Costa Rica, the whole territory is like one big wonder! However, it was Costa Ricans themselves who took to the task of choosing them.

Back in the year 2007, the citizens of Costa Rica voted for the seven natural wonders that would represent the beauty and diversity of the Central American nation’s landscapes.

We tell you everything about the chosen ones and what you can do at each one. You’ll be craving a trip to Costa Rica by the time you finish reading this!

1. Isla del Coco

As is the case with many of the most beautiful places on Earth, getting here isn’t easy and it requires that you bring out your most adventurous side. Some 330 miles away from the mainland, the only way to get there is a 36 hour boat trip. However, when you finally arrive, any discomfort caused by the journey is quickly forgotten.

On top of the pristine waterfalls and dreamy bays, the main attraction lies underwater. Isla del Coco is a diving destination, known worldwide for its abundance of hammer, tiger, and whale sharks, among many other species.


2. El Arenal

The image of this giant, breathing fiercely in the midst of the jungle, has become a symbol of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. It is located in the Alajuela province, about 62 miles from the capital city.

But snapping epic pictures isn’t the only thing to do here.The national park that surrounds the volcano is equipped with rafting tours, kayak rentals, ziplines and trekking paths. A full-blown adventure!

3. Cerro Chirripó

From the highest point in Costa Rica, you can see the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, depending on which side you look. Clean air and spectacular landscapes have brought fame and attention to this mountain of the Limón province, at the heart of the country.

The best plan is to set apart two days for camping and reaching the high points on the hill with no rush. Along the way, you will more than likely see landscapes that will stay with you forever and meet people from all over the world.

4. Río Celeste

Standing before this natural phenomenon, you will have to convince your senses that what you’re looking at is real.

The electric blue of the river is a product of the clean water mixing with substances coming from the nearby Tenorio volcano. Enjoy a waterfall, a hot springs pool, an equally colored lagoon and a thick forest. All in the same place!


5. Tortuguero National Park

The adventure begins at the canals that you need to navigate in order to get here. Located in the Limón province, this place is the exotic and tropical side of nature in Costa Rica.

The jungle is the main attraction. Howling monkeys, frogs, caymans, turtles, snakes, iguanas and all kinds of birds await for you in this Costa Rican natural paradise.

6. Poás Volcano

A site that you can’t miss if you’re visiting the capital city of San José, since it’s only 12 miles away! The crater is known to be among the largest in the world.

Besides walking the trail that surrounds the volcano and taking lots of great pictures, you might want to check out the museum, picnic area and a coffee shop, where you can spend a nice time and take in one of the best views ever.

7. Monteverde

A natural sanctuary that is home to over 100 species of mammals, 120 reptiles and amphibians, and over 2,500 plant species. You’ll find it in the Puntarenas province, in the northwest region.

The vibe is very laid back and there’s all kinds of things you can do: horseback riding, hanging bridges, middle of the jungle yoga lessons, ziplines, trails. If the idea of spending a day or two peacefully enjoying nature appeals to you, this is your place.

These are the 7 natural wonders of Costa Rica. As you may be aware of by now, it will take more than one trip to visit them all! Remember to book a room at City Express San José to move around from the capital city to the different natural sites.


7 natural wonders of Costa Rica you need to see