7 spots to fall in love with Guadalajara, Mexico

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There’s always something new to discover in old Guadalajara. This thriving metropolis, formed by several different municipalities that have spreaded and joined each other over time, is full of fascinating places to visit.

Here’s a quick guide to the best spots in Guadalajara, the ones you simply can’t miss during a trip to the so-called Perla de Occidente (Pearl of the West). Enjoy!

1. Palacio de Gobierno

One of the oldest buildings in town! Inside, you’ll find stunning murals by artist José Clemente Orozco, depicting Miguel Hidalgo and other key characters in the history of Mexico.

2. Mercado de San Juan de Dios

You can’t leave Guadalajara without visiting the largest indoor market in Latin America. The best produce in the city, beautiful crafts from all over Jalisco, all kinds of electronics and imported products, exquisite local cuisine, pretty much everything!



3. Downtown Tlaquepaque

This charming, old-fashioned little town was swallowed by the urban sprawl. Stroll by the crafts market, visit the numerous art galleries and enjoy its remarkably well preserved colonial architecture.

4. Los Colomos

The moment you walk in this natural haven, you’ll fall in love with its design, inspired by classic, Japanese gardens. The place is perfect for unplugging from the city for a while and enjoying a walk through the lush vegetation and beautiful sculptures that can be found all around.



5. Guadalajara Zoo

An aquarium, a safari, and a classic zoo, all in the same space. If you like wildlife, you absolutely have to visit what is one of the top zoos in the American continent.

6. Parque Mirador Independencia

A park in the heights of Guadalajara’s nearby mountain range, with a spectacular view of the Huentitan and Oblatos gullies. It is the best place to have a nice picnic with a stunning natural scenario in the background.

7. Downtown Zapopan

A visit to the impressive Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan is a must. The Museum of Huichol Art, the only one of its kind in all of Mexico, is also worth the time.

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7 spots to fall in love with Guadalajara, Mexico