8 Hours to Spare in San Luis Potosí? Make Sure You Stop by These Spots

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San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí was once an important mining town, filled with reserves of silver and gold. Today, the city is rich in history, and is one of the main commercial centers in Mexico. If you have a few hours to spare, in this picturesque city, make sure you stop by these spots:

Plaza de Armas 

The historic city center features impressive colonial architecture and manicured gardens. This is the cultural heart of the city. As you stroll in the lively plaza, take note of a life size bronze statue of a man feeding the pigeons “El Señor de las Palomas”. This was created in memory of a miner who regularly went to the plaza to feed the pigeons. Surrounding the plaza, you’ll also find several Mexican restaurants and cafes, serving delicious local foods.


The Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Potosí is an amazing baroque cathedral. Its construction began in 1670 and continued throughout the years until the 19th Century. Among its most noteworthy features are the ornate façade, adorned with statues of the apostles carved in marble and the two massive bell towers.


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Plaza del Carmen 

This lively plaza is home to the spectacular Templo del Carmen, one of Mexico’s most treasured religious monuments from the colonial era. Built in 1749, the ornate architectural style of the church is known as Mexican Baroque. If traveling to San Luis Potosi around the Easter holidays, you may have a chance to see the Procession of Silence that ends in the Plaza del Carmen, in which over 2000 participants and onlookers recreate the stations of the cross – all in a nighttime, silent march. It’s one of the state’s most important religious events.

Tangamanga Park  

This is the second largest urban park in Mexico. This gorgeous green space is the perfect place to get away and unwind. You’ll find dozens of people exercising or walking. The park has sports fields, playgrounds, museums and an outdoor theater.


There are too many wonderful restaurants to mention, but we recommend Cafe Cortáo, El Mexico de Frida and Cielo Tinto. The typical regional cuisine is slightly spicy and features lots of vegetables, corn and red meat. It’s the delicious fusion of indigenous and Spanish recipes. Make sure you try cabuches, an appetizer made from cactus flowers; asado de boda, pork seasoned with ancho chili; and tacos Potosinos - made with cheese or chicken served with carrots, green beans, potatoes and cheese.

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8 Hours to Spare in San Luis Potosí? Make Sure You Stop by These Spots