Tips and tricks for attending the Veracruz Carnival in southern Mexico

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Every year, the streets of the southern Mexico state capital of Veracruz turn into one big stage for a one of a kind celebration: the Veracruz Carnival -or Carnaval de Veracruz-, the largest and most famous one in the country.

Experience the mood and the traditions of the iconic coastal town during its most festive season. Parades, coronations, public dancing, and many other colorful events take place one after the other in a nonstop party. That’s why it’s called “the most joyous carnival in the world”.



The 2018 Veracruz Carnival will happen from February 7th through the 13th and here are some tips and tricks that will help you navigate the craze if you’re new to the whole thing.

Stay informed

The best source for information on the carnival is the main website. Take a look at the schedule, find out when and where your favorite events take place and plan ahead.

Arrive early to events

The carnival draws tourists from all over the country and, together with locals, they create crowds on the streets and venues, so getting there with time is actually paramount to get a good spot.



Travel light

You won’t need more than the absolutely necessary for this kind of trip, so pack accordingly. We especially advise you not to carry too many things when attending to carnival events since, as we’ve mentioned, it can get pretty tight.

Don’t sleep on the street dancing

These are a main highlight of the carnival. At every couple of corners on 5 de Mayo Avenue, there’s a small orchestra playing the lively folk music from the region. Tourists and locals come together to dance the afternoon away, it’s pure magic!

Set some time apart to explore Veracruz

You’re already there, so you might as well take some time to see the San Juan de Ulúa stronghold, the cathedral, the beautiful beaches and the rest of the main attractions in the city.

Head over to Veracruz in 2018 and judge for yourself if “the most joyous carnival in the world” is a fair moniker for this massive party. Book a room at City Express Veracruz and add some comfort to your experience!


Tips and tricks for attending the Veracruz Carnival in southern Mexico