Admire the beauty of Teotihuacan from a hot air balloon

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Vuelo Globo

The ancient city of Teotihuacan is as mysterious as it is grandiose. While climbing the pyramids is a great way of exploring it, there is another way that will most surely blow your mind: hovering over it on a hot air balloon!

Here’s everything you need to know about this experience. Put it in your list for your next trip to central Mexico.


How and when

There are several companies which offer more or less the same services and types of flights. Normally, the balloons take off early in the morning, just in time for sunrise, between 6:00 and 6:30 am.

As you elevate one kilometer above the ground (about 3,280 feet), the stunning pre-Hispanic city becomes smaller and smaller, until you get a full perspective on the whole thing. Gliding amongst clouds and enjoying the bird’s eye view, this place seems even more spectacular.

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More details about the service

The most common kind of flights are shared, which means that you fly with other visitors. The experience lasts about 45 minutes and costs an average of $2,500 pesos (around 130 USD). It usually includes a toast with sparkling wine while up in the air and breakfast at a local restaurant. Some operators also include a coffee break, insurance, parking and reimbursement in case of bad weather.

If you want a private flight, just for you and your party, that will cost you about $3,500 pesos (around $180 USD). There are a few other kinds of custom flights that you can hire, including special engagement flights for loving boyfriends to propose in the middle of the sky. If you’re interested, you can also ask for professional photos of the experience.  

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Tips and recommendations

Bring a jacket and an extra layer of clothes, it gets pretty chill up there. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are also a good idea.

Children under the age of five, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure and osteoporosis are not allowed on board.

We suggest that you book on time. Depending on the season, it can get very busy. Beware of the fact that some of the operators only accept payments in cash.

You can hire the tour here and book a room with us at City Express Tepotzotlan, it’s only a 20 minute drive from the site.


Admire the beauty of Teotihuacan from a hot air balloon