Adventure in Huautla, the hometown of Mexico's most famous shamaness

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adventure in huautla

Huautla de Jimenez is a small town in Oaxaca, mostly known for being the home of María Sabina, Mexico’s most famous shamaness. Even though mysticism and alternative medicine are the main attraction, there are many adventures available for the curious traveler.

Here’s what to do in Huautla de Jimenez, a place where experiences are endless.  

Cerro de la Adoracion

Climbing to the top of this giant in the midst of the mountain range will take two or three hours. Have some trust: walking this path is worth it. Crossing through the fog that circles around the hill as you listen to the sounds of nature will be your introduction to the magic of Huautla.

When you finally reach the top, you’ll see a pre-Columbian altar next to an image of the Virgin Mary and some of the offerings that believers carry with them to this place. These are usually bags of cocoa, turkey eggs, guacamaya feathers and flowers.

Searching for Maria Sabina

The spirit of Maria Sabina can be found all around Huautla. From her old home, which is now a museum that honors her memory, to the many murals of her that can be found in the narrow streets, the shamaness is everywhere.

You can still do sacred healing rituals with mushrooms, but it is recommended that you first talk to the shamanesses that carry on Maria’s legacy.


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Coffee farms

The area around Huautla is known for the excellent coffee that is produced in it. One of the top experiences here is to tour around the rural coffee farms, where you won’t help but to feel the profound respect that the growers feel for their crops, which they consider a sacred gift.

Puente de Fierro waterfall

Near Huautla, you will find this natural spa, also known as La Regadera. In here, you can relax and enjoy a therapeutic bath in the middle of the jungle.




Travel to Huautla in Oaxaca and live new adventures in the middle of nature. We will be waiting for you at City Express Oaxaca, before and after your experience in the highlands.


Adventure in Huautla, the hometown of Mexico's most famous shamaness