All about Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco: an old town to fall in love with

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where to eat at Lagos de Moreno

Lagos de Moreno is a quaint little city in the highlands of Jalisco, the state where tequila and mariachi are from. You might have not heard much about it, but it is so beautiful that the historic side of it has earned World Heritage Site status. If you are traveling through western Mexico, this place is, without a doubt, a must.

Read on to find out more about Lagos de Moreno, what to do, where to eat and how to get there.


What to do in Lagos de Moreno

Lagos goes way back, as in, 1563. It was first founded as a stop for the Spanish that were traveling north, in a time when unconquered, nomadic tribes were a serious threat. This explains why the town has so many gorgeous, very old buildings.

A classic postcard is the old bridge, made with pink quarry and a beautiful design with arcs that embellish the entrance to the old side of town. The main square, called Jardin de los Constituyentes, is a great place to walk around and soak in the vibe. Right in front, you will find Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, the city’s main church, whose baroque style front is absolutely mind blowing –not to mention the sacred relics that are inside.

Speaking of stunning churches at Lagos, the Basilica de San Pedro seems like a building that was taken out of Ancient Rome, with its majestic stairway, Tuscan columns and marvellous sculptures.

where to eat at Lagos de Moreno

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The Rinconada de las Capuchinas is a three-building complex that you can get lost in a whole day. First, the former temple and convent, a neoclassical wonder that will take your breath away. Then, the Casa de la Cultura, an architectural prowess that is just as impressive and the added value of being the site of several different exhibitions and workshops. Finally, the Casa Museo Agustin Rivera, the cutest art museum dedicated to temporal exhibitions.

There’s more! Jose Rosas Moreno Theater is a beautiful building from the outside, but if you’re lucky to catch a performance, you will find that it is even more impressive from the inside. Casa Montecristo, Rinconada de la Merced, Templo de la Luz and Iglesia del Refugio are other sites not to miss.


Where to eat at Lagos de Moreno

The local cuisine is known as cocina mestiza, as it blends influences from the Chichimeca and Tlaxcalteca indigenous traditions with ingredients that were brought from Europe and even some African flavors, brought to the mix by the slaves that came with the Spanish conquerors.

Enjoy the perks of fresh ingredients at El Calvario market, where you can try the pacholas, ground meat served with bread, pepper and spices. Don’t miss the baked lamb in prickly pear sauce at La Rinconada, a traditional and family friendly restaurant. To round up your culinary experience at Lagos de Moreno, take the time to do a guided visit to Quesos Thomsen and Lacteos Gama, two cheese factories where you will have the unique chance to witness how Lagos’ famous cheese is made.

how to get to Lagos de Moreno

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How to get to Lagos de Moreno

The closest sizeable city is Leon, Guanajuato, only 26 miles away, and the nearest airport is at Silao, another 13 miles further south. You can get to Lagos from both places via the federal highway number 45, or simply catch a bus from either one of them. If you stop at Leon, or if you’re staying there and want to take a day trip to Lagos, allow us to recommend City Express Plus Leon Centro de Convenciones, we have everything that matters to you while you’re traveling. Book your room now!

All about Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco: an old town to fall in love with