Top 5 museums in Querétaro

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best museums in Queretaro

Querétaro is a fascinating city in central Mexico, known for its abundant and unique cultural offer. Halfway between colonial capital and modern urban hub, this city has more museums than you could cover in a single trip.

But what if we could narrow it down to the top five? If you’re planning a trip to Querétaro and want to fully immerse in the city’s history and cultural experience, you can start at these 5 museums, the very best in Querétaro.

1. Museo Regional de Querétaro

Ranked as the best museum in Queretaro by TripAdvisor, this is where your journey starts. Located inside an old convent, its many rooms contain fascinating exhibitions that will introduce you to the history of the city, the state and the whole region.

2. Museo de las Artes de Querétaro

Inside the old San Agustín Cloister, this space not only hosts top notch art exhibitions -it is also used for concerts, plays, book presentations, conferences and other cultural activities. There’s always something to see!

3. Museo Casa de la Zacatecana

Let your mind travel to the past in this museum, where you’ll find art from Mexico’s colonial era and as recent as the nineteenth century, as well as furniture and original objects from several different time periods. Also, if you’re into ghost stories, you’ll love to hear about the old owner of the mansion supposedly peeking through one of the windows.

best museums in Queretaro

4. Museo de la Ciudad

This is the building where Maximiliano de Habsburgo, Mexico’s second and last emperor, spend the last few days of his life. It has a children’s library, a film club, permanent exhibitions and it hosts cultural events such as concerts and workshops.

5. Museo de la Restauración de la República

Allocated inside an old capuchin nuns convent, a stunning eighteenth century building. In here, you’ll find photographs and documents that tell the story of how the Mexican Republic was restored after the second empire.

best museums in Queretaro

Make your own tour through the very best museums in Querétaro and experience for yourself this beautiful, colonial city’s famed cultural offer. If you need a place to stay, remember that you’re always welcome at City Express Querétaro.

Top 5 museums in Querétaro