Beyond the beach: secret adventures in Los Cabos


Beauty can be found all around the Los Cabos area, not just at the known beaches. Have you ever wondered what is out there, beyond the beach? If you enjoy nature and great views, there are secret places and experiences waiting for you.

We bring you this list of hidden gems in the Los Cabos area, may you get the best out of your trip to this northwestern paradise. Remember: book a room at City Express Plus and Suites Cabo San Lucas to maximize the comfort factor.

Rancho Agua Caliente

In this place, located in the northern side of the municipality, you can actually experience taking a bath in hot springs right in the middle of the desert. The water from the springs is rich in minerals, which makes this bath the natural equivalent of a day at the spa!

Boca de la Sierra

A tiny paradise that is only beginning to appear on the tourist maps available in the area. This somewhat secret spot in Los Cabos hides a beautiful lake, narrow paths and stunning view, plus a plethora of things to do. It’s up to you to find out what it’s like to actually be there.


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Sunset from a yacht

At the marina in Cabo San Lucas, you can hire a yacht ride that will allow you to watch the sunset from a first row seat. If you’re traveling to Cabo on romantic mode, this is the best possible plan.


There are several spots around the Los Cabos area where you can explore the spectacular world of underwater life. Specifically, the best diving experiences are at Cabo Pulmo and Mar de Cortés.



Sunset dinners at secret locations

Surely, you’ve dreamed about this at some point: you and your significant other, an unspoiled, virgin beach, live music, delicious dinner and an ocean view. You can hire such dinners from many operators in Los Cabos!There are secret adventures and places in Los Cabos beyond the famous beaches, nightlife and food scene. Experience the B-side of this paradise on your next vacation, there is still a lot to see and live!


Beyond the beach: secret adventures in Los Cabos