Enjoy the best view of Bogota from Monserrate Sanctuary

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It’s no secret that the best view of Bogota is the one you get from Monserrate Sanctuary, at the top of the eponymous mountain. Climbing it is a whole adventure on its own, some would say it is the essential experience to have in the capital of Colombia.

A sanctuary near the sky

Like so many other high spots in the world, Monserrate mountain was first conquered to be used as a place for worship. Some indigenous cultures native to the area had already made a path to the top, but it was the Spanish who actually thought of building a sanctuary there.

At first, a chapel for the Virgen Morena of Montserrat was built in 1640. In the next few decades, a whole monastery was completed to house the Señor Caido de Monserrate, a figure that still inspires a profound devotion among the faithful.

Three ways of getting there

There are three ways of getting to Monserrate Sanctuary. The first one is by foot, through a trail that is fairly easy to walk and follows the ancient path laid down by the indigenous tribes. It is made of stone and it is 1.5 miles long. At a moderate pace, you can go through it in 40 minutes.

The second one is the funicular. The best part of doing it this way is the fact that it goes right through the hill’s lush vegetation, so it is a unique chance to catch a glimpse of Monserrate’s ecosystem.

Finally, the cable car. Many tourists prefer this option because it is the quickest way of getting to the top, but also because the feeling of soaring above Bogota is hard to beat.


The best view of Bogota

Whichever way you choose to get to the top, your reaction will most likely be the same: a deep state of awe.

From the top of Monserrate, you can see all of Bogota. The feeling is breathtaking, like being in front of a detailed, living scale model of the city. Besides the town itself, watch out for the stunning savannah-like landscape.

The sanctuary itself is definitely worth checking out. Decorated with beautiful gardens and boasting its well-preserved colonial architecture, the Señor de Monserrate Basilica is a gorgeous place that will capture your senses.

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Enjoy the best view of Bogota from Monserrate Sanctuary