Meet Cajón del Diablo, Sonora's best kept natural secret

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Cajon del Diablo Sonora

There’s a lot more than huge deserts in Sonora. Cajón del Diablo, at the western end of the state, is an unexpected natural paradise where several ecosystems coexist and feed from each other.

Can you imagine a place where highlands, small valleys, river banks, islands, estuaries and bays all exist, right next to each other? This unlikely paradise exists in western Sonora, right by the Pacific Ocean.

Cajón del Diablo, Sonora

The ecological diversity translates into biological diversity. There is an abundance of different forms of life in this reserve, which has drawn attention from environmentalists, since many of them are endangered.

There are over 230 identified species of plants in Cajón del Diablo, but scientists believe that over 1000 of them live in the area. Something unique about the place is the fact that its microclimates allow for tropical vegetation to thrive in an otherwise dry, desert like region.

An animal species to watch out for is the peregrine falcon, a deadly hunter which makes use of its ability to reach 110 miles per hour speeds to knock their flying prey down. If you’re into birds, look out for the beautiful sea swallows.     

These are the specific places not to miss during a trip to Cajón del Diablo:

The canyons

Nacapule, Robinson and Las Barajitas are amazing canyons with insane landscapes that show off Cajón del Diablo’s exotic geography.

Cajón del Diablo, Sonora

Bahía San Pedro

This mile wide bay is the perfect hideout for a day of sunbathing and beach enjoyment. The scenery is spectacular, with short mountains and desert vibes surrounding the place.

El Choyudo

A beach that reminds of the beauty of Playa Balandra in Baja California Sur, with its shallow waters, tiny bays and rocky surroundings.

Cajón del Diablo, Sonora

You can hire a tour that will take you to and guide you through Cajón del Diablo at Hermosillo, the state capital, which is only 60 miles north. Before and after your adventures at this natural wonder of Sonora, you can stay at City Express Hermosillo, we’re right at the heart of the city!

Meet Cajón del Diablo, Sonora's best kept natural secret