Caleta Tortel: an unforgettable journey to the Chilean Patagonia

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The Chilean Patagonia is a region of great natural diversity. This unique place has forests, mountains, islands, canals and glaciers, all of them barely explored by man.

Discover Chile through the Austral Highway (Carretera Austral) and stand in awe before the many natural treasures that await for you at places like Caleta Tortel, a town located right at the mouth of Baker River.

How to get to Caleta Tortel

If you are in Santiago, the first thing that you will need to do is to catch a flight to the Balmaceda airport. From there, you have two options:

Take a bus to Cochrane, that is an eight-hour trip. Then, take a second bus from Cochrane to Caleta Tortel, that’s an extra three hours on the road.

Rent a 4X4 vehicle at the airport or at the city of Coyhaique and drive to Caleta Tortel. This will take you up to 10 hours on the road. Don’t worry, though, there will be plenty of beautiful places to stop on the way.




What to do in Caleta Tortel

This is a place to disconnect and just enjoy nature. On top of walking through its trails and taking in the stunning view from the lookout at Cerro Tortel, there’s a number of activities that can make your trip unforgettable.

  • Visiting the mysterious Los Muertos islands.

  • Navigating towards the Jorge Montt glacier.

  • Kayaking through the Baker River.

  • Trekking along Cerro La Bandera.




Tips for visiting Chilean Patagonia

Despite receiving much more tourism since it was connected to the Austral Highway in 2004, the whole place remains fairly rustic, which also means that there are little to no services available.

Choose backpacks over suitcases for this trip, and don’t forget to pack cold and water resistant clothes and shoes.

There is a tourism office at the town, where you’ll find useful information on the availability of tours and any other issue.

Caleta Tortel is a unique and authentic place that will make for the kind of unforgettable experience that you would expect from a trip to the Chilean Patagonia.

Caleta Tortel: an unforgettable journey to the Chilean Patagonia