Choco-Story in Uxmal: a whole museum dedicated to the cocoa bean

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Choco-Story in Uxmal: a whole museum dedicated to the cocoa bean

Choco-Story is a museum located near the ruins of Uxmal in Yucatan, devoted entirely to the history of the cacao bean, the raw material from which chocolate is made and a plant that is native to these lands.

Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing museum in the middle of the jungle.

The history of the cocoa bean in six rooms

The museum is divided in six exhibition rooms, each one representing a stage in the timeline of the cocoa bean. The rooms are built like traditional Mayan residencies, each one separated by a lush jungle, abundant in cocoa trees. To get from one room to another, you must walk a path that goes through this stunning natural scenery.

The first room is called Cocoa and the Mayan, and it goes through some of the early uses of the bean, such as currency and as a tool for worship. You can also check out some replicas of the astonishing ancient codex that depict the bean.

At the second room, you will find more about the bean itself, its many varieties and places in the world where it is produced, as well as growing techniques. The third room focuses on recreating the lifestyle of the average, middle-class Mayans of the past.

Room number four is very special, as in it you get to experience an authentic, Mayan, cocoa-based beverage. Made with spices and served hot, this taste of real cocoa will open up your senses.

The fifth room showcases the history of the arrival of the cocoa bean in Europe and the great success that followed. As noble Europeans embraced it as a gourmet drink and new ingredients like sugar were added, the fate of the bean itself and its importance for the world was being shaped.

Finally, the sixth room tells the final chapter of the history of cocoa. Here, you’ll learn how it traveled to the rest of the planet in the last 200 hundred years, how it was re-imagined over and over again, with new flavors, textures and uses added to it.

How to get to Choco-Story Uxmal

The museum is located at the 78th kilometer of the old Merida-Campeche highway, right across the Uxmal archaeological site. You can find transportation that will leave you right by the entrance from cities like Merida or Valladolid.

Do not miss out on this very special place during your trip to the Yucatan Peninsula and find out more about the history and origins of chocolate at its very birthplace. See you at City Express hotels!

Choco-Story in Uxmal: a whole museum dedicated to the cocoa bean