Cuexcomate in Puebla: a volcanic adventure in the middle of a city


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We usually think of volcanoes as huge formations in inaccessible areas, but we want to tell you about one that breaks this stereotype. The Cuexcomate is known as “the smallest volcano in the world” and it is located just 15 minutes away from downtown Puebla in central Mexico. 

Discover the unexpected at this fascinating site inside the state capital of Puebla. 


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The smallest volcano?

Strictly speaking, the Cuexcomate isn’t a volcano, but more like an inactive geiser. It was born over 950 years ago, during an eruption of the famous Popocatepetl. It is the iconic shape and its crater which immediately remind us of a small volcano of sorts. 

Would you like to take a look at the entrails of the Earth? What if you could do it through a “volcano”? At this place, you will be able to easily get in, descend down a staircase and find a comfortable environment prepared just for you, as you explore this natural wonder. 

For only $10 pesos, you can get in and explore the inside, enjoy the fresh temperature and the crystal clear water from waterfalls and underground rivers. You can also hire a local tour guide at the site who, for a very small amount of money, will definitely enhance the experience.


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Such a place is usually, surrounded by magic and legends, and El Cuexcomate is no exception. In particular, there is a version about its origin that is way more poetic than the official: the original inhabitants of this area affirm that it was born as a byproduct of the intense love between volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. As an “evidence” for this, you can see a small hole with the shape of a heart, a spot in which many visitors perform rituals to ask for good fortune. 

Back outside of the Cuexcomate, you will find a park with playgrounds, the perfect end for you little ones if you’re traveling with them. There is also a stand that serves the most irresistible local snacks, the perfect end to a perfect adventure. It will be too hard to say no! 

An adventure awaits for you at El Cuexcomate volcano in Puebla. Whenever you’re traveling around this part of Mexico, book a room with us at City Express and enjoy free WiFi and transportation to any place within a 6 mile radio. 


Cuexcomate in Puebla: a volcanic adventure in the middle of a city