Culture, food and fun: a quick guide to Puebla for first timers

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Culture, food and fun: a quick guide to Puebla for first timers

First time ever in Puebla? You’ll need a quick insider’s guide to the places that you can’t miss if you want to get a full taste of the city. Read on!

Puebla is Mexico’s fourth metro area in population and of its oldest. Among Mexicans, it is known for its delicious food, beautiful churches and rich, cultural scene. Here is a list of places to go and things to do in Puebla, especially if it’s your first visit.

Are you the kind of person who looks up the best museums right after arriving at a destination? Then you’re gonna love Puebla. Some museums that we think you should absolutely visit are: los Hermanos Serdan, for a time-traveling experience back to early 20th century Mexico; Barroco Museo Internacional, featuring worldwide manifestations of classic, modern, and contemporary baroque art; Taller de Arte Cholula, where the imagination of young local artists runs wild and free.

If it’s lovely colonial churches we’re talking, there’s more in Puebla than you could visit in an entire year. The ones you absolutely do not want to miss are: the cathedral, in the city’s main square; the Templo Conventual de San Francisco, with its amazing, eclectic, talavera made façade; finally, the astounding Capilla del Rosario will take your breath away with its golden interior.

Capilla del Rosario Puebla

The gastronomic spectrum is wide in this huge city, but we’ll cut it to three recommendations:

1. For a traditional approach to local cuisine, head to Fonda de Santa Clara and try a mole poblano, the spicy, chocolate-like stew for which the city is famous.

2. For a street food experience, stop by cemita (or two), a very busy looking sandwich prepared with the local brand of Mexican bolillos.

cemitas puebla

3. For an advanced, contemporary alternative, try los Muñecos, a place that serves a fusion of local and international food.

A great way to kick the night off is taking a shot -or two- at the famous Pasita. The main attraction is a shot made from grape liquor, but there are crazy flavor combinations that are worth a try. Mercados y Pulques Hierba Santa, Milagritos and Dynamitas are all good options in the Cholula area for raising the level of the party through the night.

While in Cholula, a stop at Container City is a must. This open-air mall is built with old ship containers and gathers some of the hottest bars, restaurants, design boutiques and art galleries in the city.

el container cholula

Another cool shopping stop would be the Callejon de los Sapos Market in downtown Puebla, where you’ll find vintage treasures from the past that you’ll never see at conventional shopping malls!

Looking to get some local talavera pieces? The best places to acquire this beautiful crafts are Talavera de la Luz and Casa de Talavera Celia, which includes an interactive museum where you can learn to make your own pieces!

Part of enjoying Puebla is staying at the right spot. Both City Express Puebla Centro and City Express Puebla Angelópolis have ideal locations, close to the city’s main attractions. We’ll see you there!

Culture, food and fun: a quick guide to Puebla for first timers