Experience Bahia de Banderas, an entire journey inside a bay

where is bahia de banderas

Bahia de Banderas is known as the largest bay in Mexico. Stretching over two states and a good 62 miles, it is home the kind of paradise-like destinations that you’re looking for during a trip to the Mexican Pacific.

Here’s all you need to know about how to get there and what to visit. Beauty and fun are waiting for you!


Where is Bahia de Banderas?

Bahia de Banderas is located in western Mexico, right at the border between the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. The closest airport is in Puerto Vallarta, a huge tourist destination right in the middle of the bay.

If you want to explore the several different destinations across this area, we suggest that you book a hotel at Vallarta and then either rent a car and hit the road everyday, or look for buses that leave to wherever you want to go.

Here are a few of the many spots across the bay that we recommend for your trip to this area. Take note!



On the Jalisco side, this beach is known for its gorgeous, golden dyed sand. A rustic village and stunning landscapes of jungle-covered mountains complete the view. Besides spending the day at the beach, there’s a nearby waterfall that you can enjoy. Also, get ready for a dinner worthy of a viking ruler!


Boca de Tomatlan

Moving further north up the bay, you’ll find this charming fishermen village where time doesn’t seem to have passed at all. The kindness and laid-back attitude of the locals will make you feel at home, as you explore the beautiful beaches and embark on a fishing tour. This place is also the saling port towards quite a few virgin spots such as Majahuitas, Las Animas, Colomitos, and Quimixto.

what to do Bahia de Banderas



Now on the Nayarit side of the bay, Bucerias is a quaint little town with breathtaking natural surroundings and cultural attractions. If you wander off downtown for a little while, you will find the most peaceful and virgin beaches. Don’t miss the crocodile sanctuary nearby and, when in town, look for the art walk, a lovely corridor where local artists show their work.


La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Surrounded by dreamy beaches and tiny bays, this small town maintains the peaceful vibe of a fishermen village but combines it with the modern influence that it has received through the years as a marine port. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing, are some of the activities that you can enjoy here.


Punta de Mita

If you’ve reached this point, you’ve reached the end of Bahia de Banderas. In comparison to other destinations in the bay, this place feels almost like another country. Full of luxurious restaurants, exclusive boutiques and rather peculiar golf courses, Punta de Mita is a classy end to the journey.

where is bahia de banderas

Photo: Los Sabores de México


After crossing the entire Bahia de Banderas, you will have seen all kinds of landscapes, people and environments. The whole experience will feel like a long trip, and to think that it is only a tiny piece of Mexico!



Experience Bahia de Banderas, an entire journey inside a bay