Experience the history and traditions of Tijuana on Revolucion Avenue

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Tijuana Revolucion Avenue

For many years, Revolucion Avenue has welcomed the curious and fascinated visitors to Tijuana. Formerly the most important street in the city, it has achieved legendary status due to its quirks and the many stories that have shaped its history.

Here are some facts and spots of Revolucion Avenue that will give you an idea on its role in the history of Tijuana.


An escape from prohibition

During the years of alcohol prohibition in the United States (1920 to 1933), Tijuana became a popular destination for Americans who longed for a drink or two. This is the beginning of the city’s fame as a party destination, since bars opened all across Revolucion to welcome the thirsty neighbors from the north.


The largest bar in the world

For a long time, the cantina known as La Ballena in Revolucion held the title for having the “largest alcohol bar in the world”. During World War II, this legendary place was the scenario of several brawls between U.S. marines and the local policemen, who would usually end up victorious. Marines were finally forbidden from visiting Tijuana to avoid these fights.


Night tour on Revolucion Avenue

The boulevard maintains its famed vibrant nightlife. If you tour it from top to bottom, the very first thing that you will see is the Arco de Tijuana, built to welcome the new millenium in 2000 and now a symbol of the city.

A couple of blocks down the line you’ll find Mamut Brewing Co, a little bohemian spot with the best craft beer in town. At La Justina Gastro-Bar you can try some of the most audacious dishes in all of Tijuana.

Tijuana Avenue

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At the corner of Revolucion and Flores Magon, that’s where the party’s at. Bars and nightclubs playing all kinds of music are concentrated in this area. If you like some live rock music, try the Black Box. At La Mezcalera you will not only get the finest mezcal selection, but also great music from local and guest DJs.

Keep walking and you will see the old Palacio Jai Alai, a music venue that is also known for having a Mexican version of the Hollywood Hall of Fame. At the other side of the street, Las Pulgas awaits for you. Salsa, cumbia, norteño music, pop: this is the top spot for dancing in Tijuana, period.


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At the very end of the tour, there’s a big surprise for you: Taqueria El Güero is that heavenly place where the party goes to die, albeit in the most delicious of ways.

Next time you visit this cosmopolitan city just south of the border with the U.S., remember to tour along Revolucion Avenue and take in the energy. City Express Suites Tijuana Rio is just a few blocks away from this legendary street, book a room with us now!


Experience the history and traditions of Tijuana on Revolucion Avenue