The Female Business Traveler in Mexico: 3 of the Best Destinations for Safe Solo Travel


Nowadays, more and more business travelers around the world are female. With increasing numbers of women in managerial positions, many women are required to and are choosing to travel as part of their work. This has shaped business travel worldwide which now adapts to the number of women arriving at different locations for corporate events, business meetings and more. Hotels have introduced new services for solo female travelers, we have female-only taxi services and travel brands have started to focus their campaigns on the women who are traveling for business.




And while statistically women do face more safety risks while traveling solo than me, there is no doubt that things are improving. Mexico is just one country which has a number of excellent destinations for women traveling alone on business. There is new and improved travel infrastructure, a good variety of hotel choices and parts of the country which are dependent on tourism so English is spoken widely. It’s also an amazingly diverse country with some unique destinations and many incredible sites to visit. In honor of International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on the 8th of March, here are 3 of our recommended destinations if you’re a business woman traveling alone in 2020.




You might already have heard of Tulum as it’s a popular destination for social media influencers. Just a short trip down from Cancun, the business capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is well worth a visit. The beaches are dreamy, the town is bursting with cute cafes and the hotels along the beach are very relaxed as mass tourism has still not hit this laid-back beach town. The Mayan archeological site which overlooks the Caribbean Sea is a must-see and there are many cenotes located in the area just waiting to be discovered. It’s a very safe town, popular with solo travelers looking to meet other people and soak up the atmosphere at a wellness resort or do a spot of yoga.




A truly beautiful town about 4 hours from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is a popular destination for foreign visitors, both for vacations and to move to more permanently. However, it still maintains its charming colonial feel with cobbled streets, pastel colored buildings and the delightful town square. This is another one of Mexico’s safest cities and is popular with artists who come for the incredible scenery, many art galleries and colorful colonial homes. There are many boutique hotels here and it makes for a lovely weekend break if you’re in Mexico City on business!




Our final suggestion for a female business traveler coming to Mexico is Merida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan. A city which has grown enormously in the last 10 years and is famous for being Mexico’s safest city, Merida is a fantastic destination for solo female travelers. The transport is safe, the people are friendly and welcoming and there is a large community of foreigners who now live here. There’s also plenty to do in this part of Mexico! From Mayan ruins, quiet beaches, small towns and many festivities throughout the year, there is always something to see or do during your downtime!


The Female Business Traveler in Mexico: 3 of the Best Destinations for Safe Solo Travel