Gorgeous henequen haciendas in Yucatan that you must stop by

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When traveling through Yucatan, one of the things you must absolutely include in your itinerary is a tour around the gorgeous old henequen haciendas that are abundant in this land. We give you some historical context about these beautiful buildings, as well as a list of our favorite ones!

Henequen is a type of agave, the same plant that is used for producing beverages like tequila and mezcal. From the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, it was produced in large scale at many haciendas scattered around the province of Yucatan. It became a huge industry.

“Green gold”, as it was called, was mostly used for making rope and clothes. In a world with no synthetic fibers, it was a very valuable and resistant material. This is why the business of the haciendas was a global one and, for many years, Yucatan was the only place where it was produced.

With the decline of the henequen industry, the haciendas became abandoned shells, many of them fell into oblivion for years. Fortunately, in recent decades, some have been refurbished and reopened as restaurants, museums and event locations.

Here’s a list of our favorites, the ones you absolutely must stop by!

Santa Rosa

Surrounded by authentic Mayan communities where you can have a look at traditional art in the making, this hacienda has a built-in spa where you can get a rewarding massage while enjoying some jungle vibes.

San Pedro Ochil

Besides a remarkable restaurant where you can try the best of Yucatan’s cuisine, the hacienda houses a museum, dedicated entirely to the golden age of henequen. It includes some fascinating original objects and equipment and fun information about the whole henequen frenzy.



This stunning looking hacienda is best known for its high-end restaurant, which serves an extraordinary, contemporary take on regional cuisine. You can also visit the spa and get some healing therapy, you’ll literally be in good hands.


It’s not hard to figure out why Temozon is one of the most visited henequen haciendas in Yucatan –even celebrities come here. Near the Uxmal archaeological site, a part of it has been kept in ruins for visitors to check them out.    


These are just a few of the gorgeous henequen haciendas that can be found in Yucatan. Visit them and you’ll realize that, the more you explore this land, the more fascinating and beautiful it reveals itself to be.

Gorgeous henequen haciendas in Yucatan that you must stop by