Hidden Spots in Mexico City You Should Visit

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Some of Mexico City’s beautiful secrets are hidden behind famous tourist attractions and popular landmarks. If you know where to look, you’ll learn there’s a treasure around every corner of the capital. Here are a few hidden spots you should visit on your next trip to Mexico City:

Mercado de Medellín

This neighborhood market sits in the area of Roma called La Pequeña Habanera. Stalls specialize in spices, fresh fruit juices, whole pig’s heads or sheets of chicharrón. This is also the place locals go when they crave authentic food from other Latin American countries. You can try high-quality Colombian coffee or tasty Venezuelan arepas.

Mercado de Sonora

Are you superstitious? Discover the “witchy” side of Mexico City at the Sonora Market. Local vendors have an answer to life's daily troubles in the form of a magic soap, holy water spray or ritual pamphlets. It’s certainly an interesting experience!

Mercado Sonora

Cafebrería el Péndulo

This takes the concept of a bookstore café to a whole other level. The gorgeous space in Polanco is part bookstore, part café and part forest. The wooden floors, balconies and living plants stir up the imagination and certainly give you a lot to appreciate while enjoying a cup of coffee. Be sure to give a nudge to the pendulum for which the store is named on your way out. Suspended from the ceiling, the sand-filled, cone-shaped pendulum swings back and forth in patterns. This unique bookstore is located within walking distance of City Express Suites Anzures.


If you have time to take a day trip to the outskirts of Mexico City  you have to check out Xochimilco. Originally on a lake with a causeway to the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, Xochimilco is now known for its flower market and floating gardens. You can climb aboard one of the lovely trajineras (similar to gondolas) and spend the afternoon floating among the colorful canals.

Mexico city


This spectacular historic suburb is south of the city, about a 25-minute walk from the Coyoacán subway station. Head to Plaza Hidalgo, and you’ll come across the most adorable collection of restaurants, shops and historic buildings. The LeonTrotsky Museum and Frida Kahlo Museum are also in this area.

Hidden Spots in Mexico City You Should Visit