How to do Irapuato like a true local

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things to do in Irapuato

Irapuato is the perfect destination for a family vacation. Historic landmarks, amazing food, ecotourism, and a distinctively warm and provincial vibe.

Where is Irapuato?

Irapuato is the second most populous city in the state of Guanajuato, only behind industrial hub Leon. This Mexican state is located at the very center of the country. From Mexico City, it’s a 200 mile drive.

There are tons of things to do in Irapuato. We made a list of tips that’ll give you a unique chance to experience the city like a true local, enjoy!

1. Try the strawberries 

For real! Irapuato holds the unofficial title of “Strawberry Capital of the World”. Since the nineteenth century, its fields have produced delicious variations of this fruit. There’s two places you absolutely must go if you want to dip inside Irapuato’s strawberry culture:

  • Rancho La Quina. An ecotourism adventure awaits you in this large strawberry plantation. Get to know in first hand the work of the farmers, pick your favorite strawberries and eat them right there -they contain no pesticides!

things to do in Irapuato


La Cristalita. Quite possibly the best place in Irapuato to eat local strawberries. Founded in 1965 at the city’s downtown, this store sells everything from fresh strawberries to marmalades, candy, chocolate dipped and hot pepper infused strawberries.

2. Save one day to roam around downtown

Even if you just have a few days in the city, we suggest you spend a full day exploring its colonial buildings. Some musts are:

  • Presidencia Municipal. Inside, you’ll find the impressive Mural de las Revoluciones, which depicts epic episodes of Mexican history. Also, there’s a light and sound show at the stairways every night.

  • Plazuela Miguel Hidalgo. The fountain known as the “jumping waters” is an ideal attraction for the whole family -you can enjoy the show while trying some local ice cream or a esquite (corn based street food).

  • Berriozabal. A hidden alley where you’ll find charming cafes and little restaurants, as well as the Hospitalito temple.



3. Visit the nearby archeological sites

Perhaps, ancient ruins aren’t what Irapuato is best known for. Nonetheless, there’s a couple of fascinating sites that are very close to the city and worth a visit:

  • Plazuelas. This ancient city was inhabited from 600 to 900 A.D. There isn’t much that we know for sure about them, except for a few mysterious, rock carved symbols and some serpent sculptures in the ball game field. To get there: take the Irapuato - La Piedad highway until the exit named San Juan El Alto Plazuelas.

  • Peralta. Developed at the same time as Teotihuacan, between 300 and 900 A.D., there are some extraordinarily well conserved buildings, such as the Recinto de los Gobernantes, a huge patio where the ruling class is believed to have lived in. To get there: take the Irapuato - La Piedad highway until the exit named Pueblo Nuevo. Continue until you get to Huanimaro, where you’ll see the signs.

Use this guide to do Irapuato like a local and remember that we have two hotels in town: City Express Irapuato and City Express Irapuato Norte.

How to do Irapuato like a true local