Learn to dance in Cali, the Salsa Capital of the World

Learn to dance in Cali, the Salsa Capital of the World

Cali is known as the Salsa Capital of the World, so you can’t miss the chance to learn some basic salsa dancing in one of the city’s many clubs and dance academies.

For the newbie tourist, the title may sound a little intimidating. With over 90 dancing schools and more than a hundred theme clubs, how to know which are the best places in Cali to go salsa dancing?

Fear not. We made this list of places where you can take a couple of lessons -should you need them- or simply walk through the door and enjoy the party vibes and nightlife of this fascinating Colombian city. Time to dance!

El Manicero. Right by the exit of Tequendama metrobús station, this dancing academy is popular among tourists and foreigners, known for its affordable rates and group lessons. A two hour class costs $12 USD and there are four different levels, including one for clueless beginners.

Swing Latino. Cali’s particular brand of salsa is different from any other in the world, so you might need an introduction to it even if you are familiar with the genre. This is why you should probably check out Swing Latino before hitting any dance floor. It’s one of the best dancing schools in Cali, albeit a little more expensive: an hour will cost you $23 USD.

Tin Tin Deo. A true classic and a reference among Cali’s salsa culture. The best bands in the city, the country, and the entire continent play here. On weekdays, there are lessons for all levels of expertise, but perhaps the best way to learn is to simply observe and experiment during a thursday night -it gets packed!


Zaperoco Bar. If you want a local experience, we recommend that you stop by this downtown Cali salsa club. Enjoy the music of a tight live band and an intimate, yet intense environment in one of the top clubs in the city.

La Topa Tolondra. Inside the San Antonio neighborhood, this little joint has a no cover policy and sells beer at decent prices. It’s a little crowded but its dance floor and the night creatures that inhabit it are worth one night of exploring.

Cali: Salsa Capital of the World


Discover the joys of salsa dancing on your next visit to Cali. As a last tip, book a room with us at City Express Plus. Our location is very centric, ideal for a good rest after a long night of music and euphoria.

Learn to dance in Cali, the Salsa Capital of the World