Making Memories in Santiago Chile: The Perfect Selfie Spots


Santiago is the lively and colorful capital of Chile and the country’s largest city, with many national monuments, bustling markets and cobblestone streets, beautiful surrounding mountains and hills with epic views and some fascinating historic neighbourhoods just waiting to be explored. Wherever, you are in the city, you can be guaranteed to be spoilt for choice when it comes to wonderful photo taking opportunities. But for a good selfie in particular, it’s more about capturing memories and remembering the fun you have while visiting some of the unique sites, incredible views and historical monuments. So we’ve compiled a list of five iconic places that you will want to be posing in front of for that epic Chilean selfie.


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Santiago’s National Fine Arts Museum is a beautiful building, both on the outside and inside. From the outside, the architecture is stunning, palm trees line the sidewalk and the monument Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte sits right in front of the impressive entrance. Inside, the glass dome ceiling shines light down on the art and sculptures below. After snapping an arty selfie, explore the museum which celebrates work by many famous Chilean artists. It’s also free to enter!



San Cristobal Hill

For an unbeatable view of the city, we recommend climbing to the top of San Cristobal Hill. Here, you can admire the city from above and take a picture in front of the incredible view or you can snap a selfie with the statue of the Virgin Mary. If you don’t want to hike up the hill, taking the funicular up to the top of the hill is also a great photo-worthy opportunity as you sail over the city into the clouds.



Cerro Santa Lucia

If you don’t fancy trekking up San Cristobal, another great option is Santa Lucia Hill which is located in the center of the city. At the top you will have impressive panoramic views and there’s a wonderful yellow and white fountain which is perfect for a selfie! Stroll up the cobblestone streets, visit the castle at the top and take some wonderful pictures of Santiago.




The Baha’I Temple

For a truly unique selfie, there’s no better place than at the Baha’I Temple which is the only house of worship of its kind on the continent. Just outside of Santiago, with the backdrop of the Andes mountains, this unusual attraction is becoming more and more popular with visitors to the area. By far the best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset for some really beautiful pictures.





Palacio La Moneda

While the Palacio La Moneda might not be one of the most impressive buildings in Santiago, it is certainly one of the most important and plays a big role in Chilean history. Come for the changing of the guard and snap a selfie with one of the guards who are dressed in smart white or green uniforms or see if you can catch a glimpse of the President of Chile himself. During the day the flags of Chile are flying high and in the evening, the fountains light up like a wonderland!



Making Memories in Santiago Chile: The Perfect Selfie Spots