Mercado del Rio in Medellin, the foodie capital of Colombia

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Mercado deL Rio in Medellin

Foodies have a mothership in Medellin, the second most populated city in Colombia. In Mercado del Rio, the hip gastro market by the river, a place that brings together many different flavors, styles, colors, and people, all under the same flag: great food.

Here is everything you need to know about this place, how to get there and what you can expect when you visit. Bon appétit!


From soap warehouse to foodie paradise

The whole place was developed inside an old soap warehouse from the late nineteenth century. The bricks and steel from the original construction were kept, in order to give the place a vintage feel. Everything else was repurposed to host a number of gastronomic alternatives and cultural events.

That is how Mercado del Rio was born, as a place for people who enjoy international cuisine, bold gastronomic concepts and some good wine to come together. As a plus, patrons can enjoy live music and film screenings, all inside a hip space that is thoughtfully designed and decorated. The kitchens are all open, so the cooks and clients all share the same space, which creates a transparent experience.

Mercado del Rio market in Medellin

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The line-up

The restaurants are classified under several categories. Piqueo is made up of 22 different alternatives, some highlights include Piara (ribs), Peru Mix (Peruvian), San Miguel (Spanish), El Rancherito (Colombian) and Juicy Lucy (Minneapolis-style burgers). If you crave some good Asian food, try Akashi (Japanese), Tandoori (Indian) or Tayin (Middle Eastern). A few of these will take the food to your table, but for the most part it is fast-food style serving.

The Copas y Vasos category includes a sports bar, a wine cellar, a cervecería and a cocktail bar. Under the Dulce Encanto section, you’ll find waffles, bakery, yogurt ice creams and cheesecakes. Want some some quality coffee? You can have it at Amor Perfecto and Al Alma.

Mercado del Rio market in Medellin

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How to get to Merdado del Rio

Mercado del Rio is located in Medellin central area, a couple of miles south of the historic downtown. The street is 24th, between 48th and 28th, just a block from River Medellin. The nearest subway station is Industriales, just a five minute walk, or you can always catch a bus and get off at the station that is right around the corner on Avenida de los Industriales.


Tips for visiting Mercado del Rio

  • The market is open from 9:00 am, but most restaurants open from 11:00 am on.

  • There is a parking lot available, but the spots are very limited, so it’s best to get there by public transportation.

  • If you visit on the weekends, watch for the live music and artistic happenings.

  • Ask for the next edition of the farmer’s market, you might get lucky!

  • On special holidays, like Halloween and Christmas, there are special activities programmed for all ages.


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Mercado del Rio in Medellin, the foodie capital of Colombia