One day adventure at the stunning Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

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The stunning Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

If you’re visiting Tuxtla Gutierrez, there’s a one day adventure to be had that will blow your mind and give you goosebumps: the Sumidero Canyon. Come along as we visit this magical land where nature itself is the number one attraction.

How to get there

If you’re staying at Tuxtla, the state capital, you must find transportation to Chiapa de Corzo. If you’re renting a car, simply drive through the 190 highway and you’ll find this small town only 8 miles away from the city. Alternatively, you can catch a van or a bus from either downtown Tuxtla or the bus terminal.

Once in Chiapa de Corzo, you won’t have a problem finding some tour service that will take you on a boat ride across the canyon. The absolute best way to go about it is to travel the full 20 miles from Chiapa de Corzo to the Chicoasen dam.       

An ancient giant

The scope of this natural wonder in southern Mexico will stun you. At some spots, the walls that enclose it are 3280 feet tall –that’s more than half a mile!



The sheer dimension and majestic quality of the place are humbling. Formed over the course of millions of years, the Sumidero Canyon is an example of what time and erosion can create when combined. As you sail through its green river, you may feel like you’re cruising through the very bowels of the earth.

Waterfalls and caves appear here and there throughout the journey, making the view even more beautiful and spectacular.

Keep your eyes wide open

Watch out for the natural sculptures that can be spotted along the way. Your guide will surely point out the many rock formations that resemble trees, animals and human shapes.

Also, pay attention to the wildlife surrounding the place. You may see herons, falcons, ducks, pelicans and eagles flying around, not to mention the occasional crocodile!



The tour ends at the humongous Chicoasen dam, a man-made structure that harnesses the power of the canyon to produce electricity. You’ll find it very easy to return from Chiapa de Corzo to Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

The Sumidero Canyon experience is one that you can’t miss on your travelings through Chiapas. Enjoy this natural gem and look us up at City Express!


One day adventure at the stunning Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas