One day at Laguna Milagros, a peaceful getaway spot near Chetumal

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Laguna Milagros

Laguna Milagros is a peaceful getaway spot near Chetumal in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. If you’re looking for a quiet, alternative place to explore within the Yucatan Peninsula, one day here is all you need.

Literally meaning “Miracles Lagoon”, this place is much less known than nearby Bacalar, but just as beautiful. Here are a few things that you can do in Laguna Milagros, take notice for your next trip to the Chetumal area!


Swimming in the lagoon

The warm and tranquil water of the lagoon is just perfect for a good swim. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place, which will make you feel like you are being engulfed by some kind of bright, blue light.

The lagoon has different access points and you can even rent a palapa and spend the whole day between the lagoon and a comfortable hammock. You can also try the Balneario Ejidal, a water park where you will find a unique and authentic vibe, since it is the place where locals go to enjoy the lagoon.


Row, row, row your boat

If you feel like exercising a little bit, don’t hesitate on renting a kayak and hopping on it for a surreal ride across the lagoon. Even though you can go much faster on a motor boat, the kayak offers the special opportunity of interacting with the stunning surroundings in a way that feels more natural.

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Feeding the catfishes

As you swim in the Laguna Milagros, you might feel like something slippery is touching your legs or feet. Don’t worry about it, it’s just harmless catfishes that are usually roaming around the area. There is even a catfish sanctuary, where you can feed this curious animals and spend some time with them.


Fresh seafood

One thing you absolutely have to try is the delicious, regional cuisine that is served in the two restaurants that surround the lagoon. Only fresh seafood, cooked with local ingredients and spiced up with exquisite salsas that will remind you that you are in Mexico. Enjoy a magnificent sunset view as you sip on a fresh drink!

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Laguna Milagros is only 8 miles from Chetumal, you can get there by driving through the 186 highway or by catching a bus from the state capital.

If you think that you know about every little corner of Quintana Roo, Laguna Milagros will be a pleasant surprise! Enjoy one day at this quiet paradise and keep on exploring the hidden gems of Mexico.

One day at Laguna Milagros, a peaceful getaway spot near Chetumal