Perfect getaways near Mexico City

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Looking for a summer getaway near Mexico City? The great capital is surrounded by some beautiful towns and natural sites that are perfect for escaping all the noise and chaos for a few days. Check out our choices for the top summer getaways near CDMX.

Nevado de Toluca

When it comes to describing the magic of exploring this natural wonder in the State of Mexico, words fall short. During the summer, the Xinantecatl –which is its official name– gets rid of all the snow and shows a very different side, one that is full of green and abundant life that will awaken your senses.

What you can’t miss: Sunrises and sunsets. If, on top, you manage to contemplate them from the crater, the reflection in the water will create some views that are out of this world.


When you get to this small town in Tlaxcala, you might suddenly feel like you’re exploring an ancient village in Tuscany. In fact, Val’Quirico was built very recently to emulate the experience of being in medieval Italy. Between its narrow and charming streets, you’ll find lovely restaurants, stores and cafes.

What you can’t miss: Wood fired pizza and espresso.


If you’re looking for a foodie-themed getaway, the town of Tequisquiapan in Queretaro is your place. Famous for its wine and cheese fair, it is full of artisanal cheese stores and local wine. Enjoy these flavors as you stroll through its many colonial gems.

What you can’t miss: At places like Neole, you can get a very rewarding tasting of the best wine and cheese in the region.

Ixtapan de la Sal

Perfect weather, hot springs, red turkey mole. Ixtapan de la Sal, in the State of Mexico, is what a great summer getaway is all about. After a day of water slides and some adrenaline at the water park, and afternoon stroll through the charming town is due.

What you can’t miss: Hot springs under the stars at the balneario municipal.


Perhaps what you need is just to get lost for a while in the maze of Taxco’s streets. Set up in the hills of the state of Guerrero, it is a place that seems frozen in time and will make you forget about any problem in your life.

What you can’t miss: The cable car ride and the view from the Cristo Monumental. Extra points if you manage to be there in time for the sunset.

Escape to any of these summer getaways near Mexico City and enjoy a trip within a trip! When you get back to the city, we’ll be waiting for you at City Centro CDMX, the absolute best place to stay at!

Perfect getaways near Mexico City