Piedras Encimadas Valley in Puebla: the Mexican Stonehenge

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piedras encimadas valley

Near the town of Zacatlan, in the central Mexico state of Puebla, there’s a place surrounded by mystery. At the Piedras Encimadas Valley, dozens of gigantic and rather strange stone formations spread across a gorgeous, misty forest.

Read on to find out more about this alternative destination that you must visit if you are traveling around the area.  


The Mexican Stonehenge?

Such is the oddness of the stones, that it has been the subject of speculation for years, perhaps even centuries. The most popular legend, inherited from the indigenous people of the region, sought to explain their existence as the work of giant beings, who had allegedly piled and carved them at some point in ancient times.

The abundant mist that usually surrounds the area has contributed to the magic perception that people have of the valley. All of this has earned the place the moniker of “the Mexican Stonehenge”, even when the real origin of the stones is entirely natural and non-human related.

piedras encimadas valley

Photo: mexicodesconocido


A natural installation

How the singular stone formations actually came to be has a much more scientific explanation. With a stunning age of 65 million years, they are the result of erosion, as volcanic activity, chemical reactions, rain, wind and humidity shaped each and every one of these natural sculptures.

Some of them will prompt your mind to find familiar patterns and shapes, such as animal and human forms. Others look like huge gates, portals and castles. Some are hard to compare to anything, but just as amazing.

Most of them are scattered among the woods and steep areas, but you can find them if you follow the trails that have been made to travel around the most famous of them. Still, if you wander for a while, you will most probably find a couple of hidden gems. An alternative is to hire a horseback riding tour, which is a great way to explore the area if you don’t feel like walking the entire time.

mexican stonehenge

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How to get to Piedras Encimadas Valley

Literally meaning “valley of piled up stones”, this place is located in the northern side of the state of Puebla, about 125 miles from the state capital. To get to the valley from the city, you would first have to take a bus to either Zacatlan or Camotepec, from which you can hire transportation and a tour guide to Piedras Encimadas. We strongly suggest that you visit it in the company of someone who knows the area.

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Piedras Encimadas Valley in Puebla: the Mexican Stonehenge