5 reasons to visit Costa Rica in the summer (rainy season)

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Costa Rica summer

Summer is rainy season in Costa Rica and, while most travelers avoid visiting during these months, there are plenty of good reasons to schedule a summer trip to this Central American paradise.

Like most places, the low season offers many benefits that travelers can rip. We give you 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica in the summer, a.k.a the rainy season.

1. It’s actually not that bad

Typically, rain happens between 15:00 and 17:00, if at all. That leaves most of the day for some fun having at the beach or at any of the numerous natural wonders of Costa Rica. Even if you can’t avoid it, there’s nothing quite like witnessing a strong rainfall in the middle of the jungle, pure magic!

Costa Rica summer

Foto: villasriomar.com

2. Great deals

Around the world, low season means better deals and Costa Rica is no exception. Enjoy the best rates and fares in the year in airplane tickets, accommodation, tours, rentals and admissions to museums and natural attractions. Take care of your money and visit Costa Rica in the summer.

3. It’s less crowded

Relax and forget about endless waiting lines, saturated beaches and overcrowded restaurants. This time of the year, most places are at decent levels of occupation, with some beach spots even verging on deserted status. So, if a peaceful vacation is what you’re looking for, this is your chance.

4. Nature is even more spectacular

They don’t call it “the green season” for nothing. During the summer, rain makes everything blossom and grow, which makes it the perfect time for some jungle trekking, mountain climbing, waterfall swimming and river rafting. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Costa Rica summer

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5. It’s whale watching season

Starting in july, whale watching tours take place during rainy season in Costa Rica. Head over to Uvita and Dominical to meet and greet the magnificent humpback and bryde’s whales that arrive every year. Watch out for those big jumps above the water, they splash!

Tips for visiting Costa Rica in the summer

  • Try to schedule most of your activities in the morning, since rain is way less probable that time of the day.

  • Remember to always carry enough insect repellent, rainy season naturally means more bugs.

  • Double check the current state of roads if you’re traveling by car -rain causes landslides and other nuances.

Summers in Costa Rica have all the potential for a trip of a lifetime if you know where to go and what to avoid. Enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer and remember to look us up at City Express San José, the best place to stay before and after your adventures in Costa Rica.

5 reasons to visit Costa Rica in the summer (rainy season)