San Carlos Bay in Sonora: where mountains, desert and ocean meet

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San Carlos Bay in Sonora is a magnet for travelers tha nature and stunning landscapes. With its unique combination of mountains, desert and ocean, this little corner of the world is perfect for a fun and relaxing getaway.

Here’s everything you need to know about San Carlos Bay, what to do and where to eat!

Dreamy landscapes

The unique combination of landscapes makes for some amazing views. One of the best places to get a full grasp of them is the San Carlos Vista Point, considered by many to be the best place in the area to witness one of those magic, Pacific sunsets.

Another great place is Marina San Carlos, where the dozens of boats make for a lovely foreground for the mountains and the sea. In this area, you could also enjoy a sunset with some delicious food and drinks.


Gorgeous beaches

Of course, beaches are one of the main attractions. Piedras Pintas is a peaceful bay that is perfect if you just want to soak for a while and quietly enjoy nature. If you’re willing to go a few miles further, you will find gems like San Francisco and Los Algodones, in which you can also go on a boat trip or do some kayaking on your own.

Fishing in San Carlos Bay

San Carlos happens to be one of the top places in Mexico for fishing. Besides guided fishing tours and events, you’ll find equipment for rent and everything else that you might need for a successful expedition. Depending on the season, you can expect to catch species like mackerel, snapper, tuna, sailfish and marlin, among many others.

Where to eat in San Carlos Bay

As you might expect, seafood is the speciality in this paradise. However, you can also get a taste of Sonora’s legendary beef, made from high quality cattle. Some of the places we recommend the most are Embarcadero, Soggy Peso Bar, Tortuga’s, La Manga and El Bronco.

If you fly to Hermosillo, book a room at City Express before and after your adventure to San Carlos Bay. See you in Sonora!

San Carlos Bay in Sonora: where mountains, desert and ocean meet