San Juan Market: the oldest and most exotic in Mexico City

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Mercado San Juan

San Juan Market (Mercado de San Juan) in Mexico City is unique. Over several decades, it has come to be known as the place in the capital to source the most exotic kinds of meat, while also being the best market to have a snack in!

Learn more about the market and what makes it so special. Beware, though, you will find yourself craving an extended tour to this place.


Once upon a time, about 500 years ago…

You could say that San Juan is the oldest standing market in the city and the entire country if you count its pre-Hispanic history. Its precedent is an old Aztec market that operated in the neighborhood then known as Moyotlan.

It was one of the very few markets that the Spanish allowed to continue operating. Throughout the years, it has switched its location several times, burned to the ground and survived earthquakes. But it was its development as a gourmet market which, in time, turned it into a gastronomical reference in the city.


Pheasant tacos and lion hamburgers

At the San Juan Market, you can find the most exotic meats you’ll ever try. Wild boar, tiger, paca, buffalo, ostrich, iguana, pheasant, armadillo… and a long etcetera of unusual meat.

Mercado San Juan Alacranes

Photo: maspormas


A special mention to lion meat, which you can have in the form of a burger, no less. Those who have tried this strange dish describe it as mildly spicy and lean, with a solid structure.

Alaska crab, Guinea hen, maguey worms, ant eggs. The San Juan Market goes beyond the imagination of the most daring chefs.


Tapas and wine

On top, the market is full of stands in which you can taste the best Iberian ham in the world, straight from Spain, joined by the best cheese from Italy and a top notch glass of red wine, brought from France.

Mercado San Juan Bagette

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Enjoy the unique ambience of this place with exquisite Spanish omelette tapas or some tasty pinchos (skewers).

Experience the San Juan Market on your next visit to Mexico City. If you book a room at City Express Alameda, you will be four blocks away from this foodie paradise!


San Juan Market: the oldest and most exotic in Mexico City