Surprises of Bogota: 5 Wonderful Markets to Satisfy Every Shoppers’ Needs


If you’re spending a few days in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, then you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do and see. If you find yourself with a morning or afternoon to spare, why not explore one of the city’s great markets? For some all-important souvenir shopping, sampling some of the delicious local food, admiring the local art and intricate handicrafts or just to soak up the wonderful atmosphere, there are many markets to choose from! So whether you’re looking for the ultimate flea market experience or the best place for top quality crafts, here is our guide to 5 of the must-see markets of beautiful Bogota.

Perhaps Bogota’s most famous and popular flea market, Mercado de Pulgas San Alego is a truly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours searching for a bargain in this treasure trove - you never know what you might find! From vintage clothing to handmade furniture, old movie posters and vinyl records to antique ornaments, from potted plants to old books telling the story of Colombia, this market is perfect for those seeking unique gifts. While it might not be the best for traditional souvenir shopping, it’s certainly an adventure through Bogota’s vibrant soul.



Mercado Paloquemao is Bogota’s main food market with more fruits vegetables, fish, meat and delicacies than you can possibly imagine! Prepare yourself for an exciting experience for all the senses; enjoy the exotic smells of the delicious foods, spices and fresh produce and the array of bright colors of the millions of flowers at the outdoor flower market. This is one of the best cultural experiences in Bogota as you’ll feel like a local browsing the stores and haggling with the vendors.



Another one of Bogota’s best flea markets, Mercado de las Pulgas Usaquen is a strong part of the city’s cultural heritage. Open on Sundays in a small neighborhood in the north of the city, this market was opened over 20 years ago and is popular with those looking for a treasure or two. This is a wonderfully picturesque market with multicolored stalls along, cobbled stone streets selling handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, old trinkets, antiques and much, much more.  It’s a delightful atmosphere as there’s often street music and you’ll be sure to find something tasty to eat!



If you’ve made your way up to the top of the mountain of Monserrate, then you might as well stroll through the market here! Take a leisurely walk through the souvenir stalls and enjoy the views from either end of this market, which is aimed primarily at visitors to the area. It’s also a good place to enjoy a local snack before heading back down the mountain!



For a smaller, more intimate experience, we recommend Galeria Artesanal which promotes the local artists of Bogota and the rest of Colombia. You will feel like you are really supporting local businesses in this cute and charming little market. It is called the Craft Gallery because that’s exactly what it is, a display of the some of the best crafts in Colombia! Shop in a more tranquil setting than the busier flea markets and snap the perfect Instagram of the striking red walls and beautiful shop windows.




Surprises of Bogota: 5 Wonderful Markets to Satisfy Every Shoppers’ Needs