Swim among light at these bioluminescence spots in Mexico

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Turismo Bioluminiscencia

Can you imagine what it’s like to swim in a sea of light? That is exactly what swimming in Mexico’s bioluminescence spots feels like. Keep reading to find out more about this fascinating phenomenon and where to find it in this country.


What is bioluminescence?

It is a word that is used to describe the light that is emitted by living organisms. In the specific case of marine bioluminescence, it occurs when the motion of seawater activates a protein called luciferase in the plankton that floats around.

This natural phenomenon creates magical landscapes, as the beaches and lagoons light up with glowing shades of blue and green that seem neon-like.

Check out these bioluminescent beaches in Mexico, take note and make sure you live this experience on your next trip to this land.


Holbox, Quintana Roo

The abundant plankton that feeds the whale shark and other fishes that roam around the area makes the beaches of this island light up at night. Best months to catch it are June through September.


Manialtepec Lagoon, Oaxaca

About a fifteen minute drive from Puerto Escondido, you will find this magical lagoon transforms during the night into an infinite pool of light.


Photo: mezcalinna

Xpicob, Campeche

Only 6 miles west of the city of Campeche, this beach is one of the top bioluminescence spots in Mexico. The best part is that you can easily take a day trip to this place while you’re staying in Campeche.


Tips for catching the bioluminescence phenomenon

Visit these places with a friend or companion, it’s always a good idea when you’re venturing into the sea at night.

The less light there is, the better, so stay away from busy downtown areas and make sure there isn’t a full moon out there.

Take an extra outfit with you and towels, drying up after a swim is tricky during the night.

If you love experiencing the magic of nature, you can’t miss these bioluminescence spots in Mexico. Truly, a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Swim among light at these bioluminescence spots in Mexico