Tastes of Puebla: Four of the Best Restaurants in the Gastronomy Capital of Mexico


Just a couple of hours from Mexico City, lies the enchanting city of Puebla, home to some of the best Mexican food in the whole country! Famous for its incredible gastronomy, Mexico’s 4th largest city has an extensive variety of regional cuisine to choose from and some of the best restaurants are right in the center of the city, just waiting to be discovered! If you are here on your next business trip, then make sure to head out into the city to sample some of the incredible cuisine. Here is our guide to some of the best establishments in which to enjoy the exquisite flavors of mole, cemitas, pelonas, tacos and much, much more.


1.   Cemitas El As de Oro

For cemitas poblanas, a sandwich which originates from Puebla, then you must head to Cemitas El As de Oro. Located in the colorful Mercado de Sabores, this local establishment is an absolute favorite with locals and visitors alike, with many arguing that this is where you’ll find the best cemitas poblanas in the city. For exceptionally reasonable prices, you can choose from cemitas, gorditas, tacos and more which will satisfy any craving! Expect quick and friendly service, quality ingredients and perhaps a conversation with the locals as you wait for your order!





2.   Augurio

At Augurio, you will be treated to the true flavors of Puebla. This is a gourmet experience in which you will choose from a variety of local dishes combined with international flavors. Chef Angel Vazquez’ passion for sharing Mexican food with the rest of the world has helped put Puebla on the gastronomy map and here he has strived to provide an experience that is an adventure for every sense. Dishes at this award-winning restaurant include the famous Mole Poblano, shrimp served with pork crackling and some of the best tamales in all of Puebla!


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3.   Nevados Restaurante

For a restaurant with a view, we recommend Nevados Restaurant also known as Hermilo Restaurant & Bar Since 1921. Located right in the center of town, this wonderful little restaurant has the best view of the central plaza of Puebla and is a great spot for relaxing during a day of exploring the city. With a hidden entrance in an arcade just of the center, this small restaurant offers a panoramic view of the zocalo as guests enjoy some delicious food with traditional recipes of the region. Don’t forget to try a nevado which is a typical drink!


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4.   Fonda de Santa Clara

For over 50 years, Fonda de Santa Clara has been serving up some of the best of regional cuisine in Puebla. Now, with 3 locations in the center of the city, these are some of the best restaurants to visit for trying some of the exciting local food. You’ll be getting a real flavor for Puebla’s distinct gastronomy which was impacted so heavily by the arrival of the Spanish and the different ingredients and cooking methods that were introduced to this part of the country. Enjoy these unique flavors in a really traditional setting!


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Tastes of Puebla: Four of the Best Restaurants in the Gastronomy Capital of Mexico