The 10 hottest destinations in Mexico in 2018

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hottest destinations in Mexico

Mexico is hotter than ever! Although sites like Los Cabos and the Mayan Riviera remain super popular, there are several other budding and resurging destinations to be aware of for planning a trip this year.

We bring you the 10 hottest destinations in Mexico in 2018, from big cities to old colonial towns and natural hideaways. Which one is the more tempting?

1. Punta Mita

Less than an hour drive from popular spots like Sayulita and San Pancho, this Pacific paradise in the south end of Nayarit has been gaining momentum among nature and adventure lovers, who flee to its coasts to get a glance of some bottlenose dolphins and giant manta rays.

2. Mazatlán

Great food, heart-stopping nature, colonial beauty. We’ve already written on how everything that’s good about Mexico can be found in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, but this year the city is looking prettier than ever, with some building restorations completed and infrastructure upgrades.

3. Valladolid

The charming, colonial town at the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula has gone from mostly unknown gem to hip spot in the last decade. With the current rise of restaurants, shops and hotels openings, 2018 is a great time to check it out before it finishes blowing up.


4. Bacalar

The home of the so-called “Seven Colors Lagoon” has seen an increase in visitors and notoriety in the past few years, which has itself resulted in some improvements in its infrastructure, as well as its food and party scenes. This town in south Quintana Roo is ripe for exploration!

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5. Morelia

In addition to its worldwide famed film festival, the capital of Michoacan is an ever glowing and bustling cultural hub that will startle you with the beauty of its urban landscape and fascinating art scene.

6. Guadalupe Valley

With its own music festival and a fair share of international press attention, the Mexican wine country, in North Baja California, is one of the hottest destinations in Mexico these days. Mid summer is the best time to visit, but it’s also the busiest, so plan ahead.

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7. Guanajuato

Lonely Planet placed the central Mexico, World Heritage site in its top 10 cities to visit in 2018, and with good reason. As the inspiration for the setting from the 2017 box office success Coco, by Pixar Animation Studios, the city is expected to come back into the spotlight for the next few years.

8. Bahía de Santa María

It’s all about the dreamy landscapes in this beautiful spot by the Gulf of California, in the northwestern state of Sinaloa. Sand dunes, deep blue water and exotic wildlife are what lure travelers from across the globe and this year might be the perfect chance to discover it.

9. Ajijic

Don’t bother with pronunciation: all you need to know about this paradise by Lake Chapala is that it’s a quiet town with stunning views, so low profile that the average Mexican hasn’t even heard of it. It’s located in the state of Jalisco, just a few miles outside of Guadalajara.

10. Loreto

Loreto is actually the oldest town in all of the Baja Peninsula, founded in the seventeenth century by Jesuit missionaries. Explore the colonial and natural beauty of this fascinating destination.

Now that you know where to travel in Mexico in 2018, head over and explore its hottest destinations. Wherever you go, there’s more than likely a City Express hotel nearby!


The 10 hottest destinations in Mexico in 2018