The 5 spots not to miss during your first time in Puebla, Mexico

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first time in Puebla

Traveling to Puebla for the first time? This gorgeous city in central Mexico is full of history, culture, beauty, amazing food and interesting places for all tastes.

If you’re about to embark on your first adventure to the so-called Angelópolis (City of Angels) you will find this list of the best places in Puebla very useful. These are all musts!

1. Zócalo

The city’s main square is the perfect place for an afternoon walk. Here, you can admire the beauty of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Palacio Municipal, two of the oldest buildings in town. We suggest you sit by the San Miguel fountain and contemplate the motion and vibe of the capital of Puebla state for a while.

2. El Parián

In this crafts market you’ll find anything from regional, artisanal candy, to wooden toys, textiles, and popular art from all of the state’s different regions. Without a doubt, it’s the best spot to get acquainted with the culture of Puebla and its artisanal tradition.

3. Capilla del Rosario

Allocated inside the Templo de Santo Domingo, this religious sanctuary has the number one spot in TripAdvisor’s ranking of the best attractions in Puebla. With monikers such as “The house of gold” and “the eighth wonder of the world”, it is full of sculptures and murals that will take your breath away.



4. Calle de los Dulces

On 6 Oriente Avenue, you’ll find many shops that sell classic poblano candy, such as camotes, milk caramels, nut pralines or rompope, a kind of Mexican eggnog with a touch of rum. Everything is super tasty and the prices are more than reasonable.

5. Container City

Probably the most trendy spot in Puebla, this outdoor mall gathers design boutiques, modern cuisine restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, bars, and several other stores. If you feel like doing some alternative shopping or just having a good time, this is your place.



Now that you know what to do in Puebla, we suggest you book a room with us at City Express Puebla Centro, the best place to explore this amazing city from!

The 5 spots not to miss during your first time in Puebla, Mexico