The Coffee Route in Chiapas: a journey through flavors and landscapes


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If you love great coffee, mountains and tropical rainforests, we have just the right vacation idea for you. The Coffee Route in Chiapas, the state in southern Mexico, is an extraordinary journey through the prolific farms that grow one of the best beans in the entire continent. 

Learn more about coffee and take in the views of this gorgeous paradise. Adventure awaits! 


The perfect land

The soil in the highlands of south Chiapas –a region also known as the Soconusco– is rich and healthy, and gathers all the qualifications for coffee growing: temperatures between 60 and 70 °F, around 200 inches of rain per year, tropical climate, and just the right altitude above sea level. 

This is why some of the very best coffee that is produced in Mexico grows here, and it has been this way for a long time. The tradition of coffee growing in Chiapas goes back to the nineteenth century, so the art has been perfected across several generations, to the point where the product is now exported to many countries around the world. 


A journey through flavors and landscapes

The Coffee Route is a trip through the Tapachula-Nuevo Alemania highway, across the mountains of southern Chiapas. By car, you can get to some of the farms, but a number of roads aren’t suitable for regular cars. Another option is to catch the combis (Volkswagen Transporters) that go up and down the highway, you can get off near many of the farms and attractions. 

There are thirteen fincas (coffee farms)  in total, but not all of them are open to the public. The most visited ones are Finca Hamburgo, Finca Irlanda, Finca Argovia, Finca La Chiripa and Finca San Francisco. All of them offer guided tours where you can walk through the plantations, smell the crops, go through the process of toasting the grain and taste the final product. Some of them also have small museums and restaurants. 


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In most fincas, you’ll find a store at the end of your tour, where you can buy the in-house coffee grains and a bunch of other coffee-based products such as liqueurs, sauces, and candy. Some of them also make products with their other crops, so you will find treats like artisanal jams made with tropical fruits and organic honey.  

Other available activities along the route are trekking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling and rafting. The landscapes in this area are breathtaking to say the least, so all of these are quite fun to do. It’s the perfect place to connect with nature for a couple of days and to breath some nice, clean air. 


Finca Hamburgo

If it weren’t for the lush jungle that surrounds them, the buildings at this farm could pass as typical German forest cottages. The museum is a fascinating experience, with old furniture and artifacts that date back to the 1800s, plus a great amount of information on the coffee bean and its journey from the fields to the cup. 


Finca Irlanda

The first farm in Chiapas to produce organic coffee is a necessary stop during your journey. Other than the coffee-related activities there is also an aviary with exotic birds flying around, including some endangered    species of beautiful, exotic birds. 


Finca Chiripa

One of the very few that grows the exotic Maragogipe grain. When you’re done with your tour, you can hop on a zip line and soar from one side of the river to another. 


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Finca Argovia

At the end of the journey through this beautiful complex, you will find a nursery with the most stunning species of exotic flowers, all of them native to the area. 

Explore the Coffee Route in Chiapas, one of the best choices for alternative tourism in this fascinating state at the southern border of Mexico. Remember, to make this trip you must first get to the city of Tapachula. Once you’re there, look us up at City Express, we’ll be waiting for you with everything that matters for a pleasant night of rest. Book your room!


The Coffee Route in Chiapas: a journey through flavors and landscapes